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New member looking for guild

I just started playing Gems of War, and I am interested in joining a guild. Some background. I have been in guilds before in 2 MMO games, but I always ended up leaving. The guilds members were deadbeats, and run by deadbeats who would not even answer questions about the guild etc. One excuse was I’m to busy fishing. Or the members were very fouled mouth which I don’t need. I am no saint, but every other word coming out of their mouths is the f bomb or worse. No thanks. I am just a layed back kind of guy looking for a group of friendly folks. Right now I do not have headphones so I can’t chat right now. I don’t even play the MMO games anymore which were Neverwinter, and Black Desert. I must admit I do miss playing Black Desert. My Gamer tag is TechSqtVsquared. I am on Xbox.

Feel free to check out my Guild Network — The Unforgiven. We have over a half dozen guilds ranging from top-end-hardcore (we won Tower of Doom last week, for example) to pretty casual (where the only requirement is logging in, basically). Our GMs and members in general are pretty communicative, cooperative, and (dare I say) friendly, so it sounds like a good fit!

Our discord link if you’d like to see for yourself is here (feel free to PM me, otherwise, and I can get you into U6 immediately, since my mother GMs it, or one of our other guilds, once I follow up with GMs to see where there are spots currently available): The Unforgiven Guild

I look forward to seeing you, if you’re interested :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m in. I just found out that 2 of the same troop in your team upgrade one and the other one is also upgraded, a 2 for 1 deal. That is cool.

Yeah, it’s neat! :grin:

The game considers each card distinct, rather than each copy of a card. So, if you get your Baby Dragon to level 20, you’ll be done leveling Baby Dragon for all time, no matter how many you draw in the future (it’ll be a lot, since they’re common :joy:)!

I see with the guild events you can only have certain troops. Been doing the Vessel of Starlight, but will have to retreat for now. When changing classes does it matter where you go to level up? Say the Orbwearver, would you go to the Orbweaver Kingdom?

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Oh what is the best way to use the war coins or whatever they are? Can you only use them to get teams?

1 — You can level your classes wherever you like; as long as you have it equipped to your hero AND have your hero on the team, you’ll see class xp awarded at the end of your battles!

2 — Warcoins are used to buy Warbands. Only buy one of each (mostly for the sake of owning the banner attached to the team — there’s no other way to get them) — buying boosters is a bad idea, because then you won’t have the coins required to buy future bands when they’re added to the game (meaning you’ll not have all the banners, which doesn’t feel great)

I think I know what your answer is going to be, but I wanted to run it by you anyways. Today I can get some flying machine, and everything needed to fully upgrade to lvl 20. It’s $40 off down to $35. I am thinking about it, but it’s probably not worth it. You do get a ton of gold and souls. I checked the one score of mind from doing the Vessel Starlight task, and I thought I had to be near the bottom. I was surprised that I am in the middle of the pack.

If you’re going to spend money, then Deathknight Armor is your best bet (I don’t have it).

Otherwise, the Campaigns can be worth the $10 every 3 months (I buy them — and a guaranteed mythic card would be pretty cool at your level, basically no matter what it was).

I wouldn’t advise spending money on anything else until and unless you know enough about the game to have the ability to weigh for yourself whatever you think is “worth it”.

EDIT to say U6 is also a pretty casual guild — our most casual, at the moment. Some weeks, people play a lot. Other weeks, some people are basically no-shows — only completely inactive people get the boot.

That said, you’ll still get a ton of resources you wouldn’t otherwise have being in a guild. My mom makes sure Blue tasks are done each week — that means come tomorrow morning you’ll have like 250+ gems from your guildmates’ gold and other miscellaneous things, totally for free.

When you’re able to lead the pack in U6, it might mean you’re ready to move into U5 and be middle-pack again (but in a more active guild, meaning you’d get even more resources). Or maybe you’ll decide you like it in U6 and you’ll continue to help my mom by being a good role model :man_shrugging:

It’s totally up to you! All I ask is that you do your best, continue to communicate, and give us the courtesy of notice if you decide to move on or have a question or concern that needs voiced. We shall endeavor to do the same :slightly_smiling_face:

When leveling up the classes like the Mech’s and the Assassins would you build your teams who’s MO’s (military jargon) who are specific for these classes? Do you empty out the shrine when it’s filled? I have been, but it should not cost us our own money even though it is just 2 bucks. I know what the circle countdown is at the bottom, but what effect is the silver color one. What affect are you under when you attack and the hits are not hitting any troop?.

1 — when leveling classes I’d recommend just using whatever works. Building class-specific teams can help you learn the game and team-building strategies, but it’s not the end-all magic bullet to everything

2 — I would never buy shrines, no matter the cost. It’s a pure gamble to do so, and I’m no gambler. As I mentioned before, I only buy the Campaign Passes (it costs $10 every 3 months to do so).

3 — the circles countsowns at the bottom are called “storms”. They make more gems of that color drop from the sky for as long as the countdown is happening. A silver storm would likely be skulls, or one that’s been reported to the devs as being accidentally released early (so, currently, it does nothing) — I can’t really say without being provided a picture.

4 — If you’re not doing damage when matching skulls, your top troop is likely Entangled (you’ll see vines on your card). If you’re casting a spell and it’s not doing anything, you’re Webbed (there’s a spiderweb graphic on your card). If you’re unable to cast a spell at all (and, therefore, “doing nothing,”), you’re silenced — you’ll see your mana circle on your card replaced by a blank white circle (and this is a good time for me to mention how you can go into your settings and turn the setting for mana counter on — it’s off by default, but if you turn it on you’ll be able to calculate how much mana you need at any given time, which can really help strategically).


@Magnusimus gave some excellent advice. Another possibility to #4 is that your lead troop could have had its attack stat reduced to zero by an enemy troop’s spell or trait, which can happen even if your troop isn’t entangled.

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Oh I know when you are entangled etc. no damage is done. I am getting no hits with no effects. I may have to try and take a video which I really do not like doing. I tried doing a video for one of the other games, and mind you it was only a one minute video. It took 5 or 6 hours to upload to my pc. Could it be possible there are just random misses? I thought the countdowns were for the effects. When I get entangled 7 shows and then every turn is counted down. On the final turn my troop is no longer entangled.

Since you’re on Xbox you can save a game clip instead — much easier than uploading it to the forum, if hardware is an issue.

Send it to the gamertag A Forsaken Fart and I’ll take a look when I can (which might be awhile, I’m afraid — my box died this morning, so now I’m unable to log in to my xbox profile except on my phone app, which isn’t comprehensive).

Thanks but I think I am going to skip the video. I will take a look see the next time it happens. It probably is because the attack is 0. Wish I could get rid of the screen tilting problem I am having. I do not think it is my X. I have been told and do believe there is this issue with the Xbox consoles and the Samsung TV’s.

I was playing the treasure game, and just as I finished my last move the game crashed. Something about the servers out of sync and I had to restart the game. I assume I lost all the treasure I accumulated, and I had a very good run. Also what does Fire Link, Nature Link mean. I assume this just means the troop has these Masteries?

1 — if/when the game crashes, rewards are often lost, yes. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and they’ll still be there ready to be collected, though

2 — the “link” traits, when unlocked, will grant extra mana of the corresponding color (so a 3-match gives 4 mana instead — this is easiest to see and calculate if you turn the mana-counter on in your settings as I mentioned earlier). Fire link is red mana, nature is green, etc…

I saw that data yesterday, and I just checked it out, but it doesn’t have anything about the icons. The pet rescue team I take it, it does not save? Everytime I do this event I have to build the team every time. I don’t know why I bother doing it anyways, I cannot get past the 2 battle.

There are different pet rescue team slots for different pets — eventually, you won’t have to rebuild them.

Try using Mang and you might be able to get further than battle 2 — if you don’t have that weapon yet, prioritize leveling up your red and brown mana masteries to get it unlocked.

I’m not sure which icons you mean without a picture you’ve marked up somehow to show what specifically you’re referring to, sorry.

EDIT also somehow it looks like my edit didn’t save, so :man_shrugging: I’m not even sure if you can access it anymore

EDIT 2 — are these the icons you mean?


The icons I am referring to most of them are reddish or a brownish color. One of them appears to be the shape of a heart. I’ll take a screenshot and send it if I can. I can’t even advance in the guild melting pot I believe it is. The gems just do not seem to like me. I am up against the troop that turns almost the entire board to skulls. I am even having a hard time completing the last 2 battles of Whitehelm The Road To Hell. I just do not have the resources to get my troops to a high level.
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