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New player, looking for a better guild :)

Hello forum!

I’ve been playing Gems of War for a couple of weeks now and have devoured pretty much all the information that is useful to me at this stage.

I am just shy of level 70, have all kingdoms unlocked and all minigames too.
I’m focusing on getting kingdoms to level 10 and kills for the soulforge too.

I need a better guild though because the one I joined doesn’t complete many tasks and I’d like to progress faster. I know I need Dragon Armour but that seems an impossible gem grind right now, mainly due to blue task not being done much.

Anyway, enough of my rambling.

Would anywhere take me on, pretty please with cherries on top? :innocent:

Well The scubadivers have some openings.
Guild is currently level 306 rank 463.
For lower ranked players no gold requirements, we do expect participation in weekly events.
Also if possible 1500 seals, fot lower ranked players 1000.
If you want to know more just leave a message, if you wanna join our merry bunch leave your invitecode.
Hope to welcome you soon in our merry bunch :crazy_face: :vulcan_salute: :wave: :grinning:

Drac, Madrina’s Marauders is an active, friendly, supportive guild.
1,500 seals weekly, and guild wars matches.
If you can do that I’ll make a spot for you.
We’re a great guild full of really good people, and can help you learn and grow.
If interested I’ll need your invite # off the games settings page.
I’ll check back here, or you can leave it on our discord chat:

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Well, it didn’t print our discord - try again

Sorry, it won’t print it!
I’ll check back later here :slight_smile:

Hello! I am still interested and would love to join.

Hello, Draculara! AlphaCentauri (rank 475) is looking for new members. The basic requirement - you should be an active player and take part in guild events, your level is not very important. 1500 seals and 500k gold per week are highly desirable, but not strictly required. If you would like to join our guild just send me your invite code. And we also use Discord.

Dude you’ve got 3 offers!
If you can max your seals weekly and do guild wars I’ll make a place,
If you’re in a guild you need to leave it for an invite to go through.
You need to get your GOW invite code from the games settings page
and post it here, that’s what I need to send invite to your game mail.
And let me know if my offer is the one you’re interested in!
I’ll check back later!

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Drac, I’m assuming you’re not still interested because you’re not responding.
I have someone else interested.
I’ll give you a few more hours, then will have to fill the spot.

I thought you had invited me??
I joined yesterday and posted in the guild chat too.
Have I missed something here??

Hi drac,
Yes, you never gave me your invite code so I couldn’t send one.
You joined someone else’s guild.
That’s fine, I hope you do well there there, and that the guild is a good fit for you.

I didn’t mean to join the wrong guild. Hang on I will double check.

Ah, I’ve found my error…
Give me a second and I’ll leave and PM you