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New member looking for guild

You’re doing it correctly :slightly_smiling_face:

Since Kingdom Power only cares about completed troops, better to have one completed than to have multiple troops in-progress :+1:

The best strategy is to keep going for as long as you can survive unless you don’t have enough time to complete all sigils. In the former case, it might be better to duck out so that you can spend your time more wisely on a sigil with more chance at beating the boss.

The main thing you want to focus on early in faction-maxxing is getting as many chaos shards as possible. That’ll help you upgrade Hoards — get respective Hoards to Quality 10, and you’ll get more chaos shards, and the growth becomes exponential eventually.

So, basically — play every daily and Tuesday sigil if you can, and gather as many shards as you can :+1:

Do you know if anyone got the new mystic troop out of the chests last week? I must have opened up near 1,000 and no cigar, and I know she was not in the gold chests. Has the chests ever spit out a fully max out troop? I have noticed that I have been getting troops at more than level 5. I am VIP 6. I realized the troops that you already have come out at the level that you have them at.

Plenty got the mythic, but they’re all incredibly rare. My screenshots tell me I had to spend 9,400 glory keys to get my copy of Archproxy Yvendra.

That’s about an average-ish cost. Some I’ve gotten for less, some I’ve been incredibly lucky (like 200 glory keys lucky!), many have cost me a lot more (once I exhausted all my resources with no mythic gained — I think that was back when I was trying to get High King Irongut, but it was so long ago I don’t recall exactly)

As for troops being leveled upon your gaining them, that’s from VIP levels. Saves you some souls in the long run — but your VIP is twice as high as mine already, so between the two of us you’ll soon be the expert on what VIP status confers, as I have little to no experience on the matter :joy:

The home kingdom I am confused. I have not checked my home kingdom for some time. I do know at the time I changed my home I was getting 55 souls, and it was the only kingdom that was just showing Kingdom Info. Now there are quite a few kingdoms indicating they are my home. None of them have the option to set as home kingdom. How could I go from 55 souls to 0? I received a 5 High and I have no clue why I got it.

1 — You should set your home kingdom to Whitehelm and never touch it again. It’s the best choice for resource acquisition over time. If your home kingdom changed, it was likely due to mis-clicking — it’s easy to do, especially if you explore a lot.

2 — the High Five you received was an Honor, probably from a guild mate (we like to cycle through our own members across our guilds to help people level up their Honor rank). It could have also come from some random person in Global Chat or PVP.

I am now seeing what are blue or green symbols on some of my troops right underneath their level. Does that have anything to do with me unlocking the underworld? What is the Intrepid Explorer? I think I have done 1 or 2 of these but did not get credit for them. I know I rerolled those tasks, and now I have 2 more that are the tasks to do. When I got the High 5 I was not in Global Chat or PVP. I was doing a Faction I think which did not have anything to do with the guild.

Yesterday I did for the 1st time end up in PVP. I was doing the Pest Control killing the guy from the vault task. I clicked on to be taken to the best place, and was taken to PVP. I thought this can’t be right. I gave it a shot, and what was the purpose of me fighting against myself, other than the fact I won?

These are likely showing you that you have the resources required to upgrade your cards — congrats!

The blue arrow means you can ascend your troop — this fuses copies of a card into a slightly stronger version (so, for example, when you have 6 Common goblins, you can trade in 5 copies to be left with one goblin of Rare quality. A Rare goblin’s stats are slightly higher than a Common goblin’s, so ascending troops is generally a good idea.

Green arrows are on troops where you have enough traitstones to give them their next trait.

Neither has anything to do with the Underworld.

This is a Campaign tasks. Campaigns span 10 weeks, and the idea is that every week you have 2 gold goals, 3 Silver goals, and (I think?) 10 bronze ones. To get the rewards from the Campaign, you have to complete all the goals within the 10 weeks. Tasks from Week 1 will carry over to Week 2 if you don’t complete them “on schedule,” but nothing carries over after Week 10 (next week) so if you want the rewards you must complete all tasks before it is over.

The tasks are self-explanatory: if it says kill red troops, do so and the task will unlock, revealing the next one you’ve yet to complete if any remain.

Killing gnomes for pest control can be one of the trickier ones, because you can’t really predict when or where a gnome will spawn (except that they won’t be found in the Underworld, in training battles against yourself, in event-sigil battles, or in the Dungeons). Complete enough explore battles, though, and one is bound to show up.

Where you “are” in the game when you collect tribute (and thus receive your High Five Honor, if you got gifted one that hour) has no bearing on where it came from. The only way you can get Honors is from other players, meaning they have to have clicked on your profile somehow — people can only do that by seeing you in global, facing you in PVP, or clicking on your profile in the guild roster (which, since you don’t go to the first two much, is probably where your High Five came from)

I am sending you a screenshot about the Intrepid Explorer. I guess I am not understanding it. It’s the one on the right which is highlighted. I thought I did it yesterday taking that the runs are 4 + Mini Boss or is it this + the Big Boss, or it it something else?

The same kind of task will often happen over and over, especially if you reroll. This is normal.

The Intrepid Explorer on the left means you have to do 5 complete runs in Whitehelm (4 battles plus the boss battle and possibly a mythic battle if you unlock it), the Intrepid Explorer on the right means you have to win a single Explore run in the Kingdom called Dhrak-Zum (farthest North-East kingdom)

I did the one on the right, and was not given credit for it, and I was not disconnected. Oh well.

I’d suggest doing it again, to be sure.

Oh I will.right now I am trying to complete the pet rescue and just once I would like to complete it. Do you have a favorite class, and do you get any reward for leveling up a certain #?

I even did 4 and the boss, and I know I did level 3. Will let you know what happens.

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Run means beating the Mystic Boss even though it shows 0/1

You have to beat all the battles that show up, yeah.

If you go in having spent your mythstones elsewhere that can make it easier (a run will still count if no mythic fight triggers), but it’s not really easier-enough to be worth it.

When forming a new team excluding the Hero, does it matter what Glass you choose?


No hero means no class by default, but the game will still put one on the team anyway. It’ll just have no effect :man_shrugging:

You should always use your hero, though. Can’t pass up that Hero XP if you want to advance your account.

Don’t you remember your Hero cannot be part of a team when doing a task that requires the team all from the same kingdom. Remember I tried this before by even changing my home kingdom to that kingdom, and wasn’t getting credit for winning the battles. I still do not understand why the Hero is still showing at the top of the team.

Your hero can be on the team. You just have to figure out how to do it correctly.

If you need a Broken Spire team, for instance, be sure you use the Broken Spire class (Warlord) and have it leveled up to Level 20 with souls (so not with Class XP, as Hero Talents have no bearing on this particular task).

This is the screen you need to send me (but, obviously, of whatever class you’re actually trying to use on your team, from whatever kingdom the task belongs) if I’m to figure out why it’s “not working”:

If you also send a picture of the team, like this:

it would be helpful.