New Legendary Kingdom troops should be available in the Soulforge immediately for one week

New Legendary Kingdom troops should be added in the Soulforge when they become available for the whole week, then they should be put on a normal rotation for 800 Diamonds.

I could get behind this, but I fear it would destroy the economy they’re going for.

Devs want us to spend dozens (or hundreds) of our now-even-more precious event keys chasing after these cards.

But if the first week cost were higher—say, 1500 diamonds instead of 800, that might work.

I wouldn’t purchase it at that point because even 800 diamonds is too steep for (most) legendaries, but I’ll bet it wouldn’t be too rich for everyone’s blood, and the economy would still come out ahead in the end…

Well, they are overdoing it then. I already said that if they don’t plan to change anythning, they should just do this instead: Increase the number of Event Keys from 10 to 25