Increase the number of Event Keys from 10 to 25

10 Event Keys (1800 Glory) each week is okay, but it’s not good enough for some people.

I am suggesting to increase the number to 25 (4500 Glory) and leave it there.

Now that the Snotstone Event was removed and replaced with the Adventure Board that implements and heavily relies upon RNG mechanics instead of guaranteed rewards, I believe that this is necessary and a just thing to do to compensate otherwise a definite nerf if the system won’t change or stay the same.

To be clear, the cap limit should stay, it should only be increased a bit - changed to 25.



Read both, then you will understand. :smiley:

I believe an increase to 20 would be the sweet spot, personally.

With the old events, the rewards varied from 7 Gem keys + a bigger pile of Gems to 3 Gem keys + 12 Event keys + a smaller pile of Gems.

Based on almost two weeks of “daily adventures”, it feels like keys have been nerfed drastically, but it isn’t just Event keys. I’ve yet to see more than one “daily adventure” that gives Gem keys.

The value of the keys alone results in a nerf of 70-210 “Gem value” per week unless the average Gems from the adventure board is high enough to counter that.

Two weeks isn’t much of a sample size, but at first blush it feels like this may be where the nerf happened, which resulted in the term “Gem value” being used in the release notes.


And yet, developers most likely are not even considering to increase the cap limit to 20 Event Keys.
I hope that this gets implemented in the next update, version 4.4.5.

The developers likely don’t have a say in this. The publisher controls the purse strings.

History has shown that while it is possible to get a nerf partially undone (ref: the Blue Guardian nerf from 590 to…180?? before being re-adjusted to 390) it is very, very rare. With the hardline stance taken regarding the change to how many Event keys can be purchased per week, I sincerely doubt anything will be done to alter this nerf.

Event chests and Gem chests can be purchased with Gems, so this is just the next Gem sink.

At least we’re getting equivalent “Gem value” in souls and minor traitstones so we’re not actually losing anything, right?. :wink:


:laughing: :hot_pepper:

I think 10 is more than fair. Gem keys can’t be bought with glory so I’m happy with any amount of event keys that can be bought with glory even though I rarely buy them. Event keys can still be bought with gems if you run out of keys.

Of course it’s more than fair for you.
As long as you have everything you need, you don’t care about it, otherwise you would be singing a different tune.

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My second account doesn’t have everything it needs I still really want a couple of mythics. I think it’s fair because they cost gems and we are lucky to get some for glory. I’m just careful with keys I spend enough just to get 1 copy of the new legendaries and craft the mythics I needed.

That’s one way of putting it, but you can’t deny that every new update so far brought some cleverly disguised nerfs. Snotstones were removed, yet I did not get a single task that was worth more than 20 Gems and also not a single one that would provide me with Event Keys.

I won’t deny that and I’ll actually agree that it is a nerf. Glory keys especially have been nerfed with the removal of daily tasks.

That’s all I wanted. Sadly, I don’t think that’s the end of it. Who knows what else will be nerfed.
I think that they may even put a cap limit on Gold, Seals and Souls, so if you’re above that cap limit, the resources you get, will be destroyed, unless if you buy them with real money.

I don’t think that will ever happen and if it does I’ll be quitting but I am expecting some more nerfs.

The only time I spend event keys is when there is a new troop exclusively to event chests. That troop is always a legendary and it happens once a month. I get one copy, use a minor blue to mythic. With kingdoms having multiple base legendaries, it just isn’t feasible to spend enough event keys to mythic every new legendary.


I think the worry is more that it will take you on average more event keys to get the legendary at all than you can get from rewards. This becomes increasingly true as kingdoms have more legendaries. That means eventually you’ll spend all your keys and get nothing new.

The weird part about it to me is there’s no “spend money to try again”. It seems pointless to cap a resource if there’s no way to spend money to obtain it.

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Ummmm buy gems?

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You can buy Event chests with Gems. The key nerf is another Gem sink.


Oh. I didn’t even know!

Now you do. It’s worse than you think.
15 Gems to get one single Event Key. To get 10, I would need to spend 150 Gems.
That’s not possible, unless if you’re a compulsive buyer of Gems.