Idea about event points

I asked @Nimhain on global a while back if we could get something to spend extra snots on to which she replied “event gems are a point system not a currency” so i thought more on it and came up with a different but similar idea…

Maybe a recurring reward for extra snots. For example: this week after you reach 150 maybe for every 60 snots you recieve 5 gem keys. So 210 snots = 5 gem keys then 270 snots = another 5 gem keys and so on…

Just an idea😎


Would need to be geometric. 60 for 5, 120 more for next 5, 180 more for next 5, etc… otherwise you get a situation where farming explore is superior to anything else.

Or just at week’s end give 1 glory per event stone


Yeah im not real good with number planning but i do like the 1 glory for each extra snot😎

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Me too because it can make a big difference to early players, but not an “OMG I Must do this!” chore for late. I get between 12,000 and 14,000 glory a week (a benefit of being retired and having a 1 hr timer running on my computer…), so an extra 2-300, or even 500 from event stones would be nice, but not game breaking. But for a new player, churning out an extra 200 glory a week means an extra arcane here and there which can help


I fixed your thread title for you. :smirk_cat:

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i like this one the most :grin:

sounds reasonable as well

maybe after collect the biggest one you dont get them anymore
problem solved :sunglasses:

My intitial suggestion somewhere on forums was doubling the last reward each time event points for last reward are doubled. This week at 300, 450 etc event points we would get 5 more gem keys. Small payout for such a huge amont of event points - but still some payout.

However 1 glory per event point over the 6th tasks sounds great :slight_smile:


I looked to see if someone had already suggested this and didnt find it. My bad i probably should have looked harder

God knows how i worded it, i know i don’t remember xD


I think the Glory bonus is a great idea! The Developers might not want to inject that much Glory into the economy though… who knows.

Heck I’d even be happy with a simple 10:1 (Event Stones:Glory) for every one collected during the week.

But it wouldn’t be much. This week we need to kill 150 giants in pvp (pc/mobile). 95% of player base will probably be bellow 200 event points.

To you and me, sure that’s small.

I’m just saying with tens of thousands of players (across all platforms) at various level of play. Who knows without the actual data. And how much do they want to add on TOP of the rewards already being handed out for the Event for early and mid game players?

I like the idea and I’m not arguing against it, just trying to look at it from all sides instead of just as a player.

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I understand that, but late game players will mostly be those that pass event points of the 6th task.
And those lower levels will appreciate any bit of glory they can place their hands on. Even if it was 500 extra glory a week, its not even worth 2 more troops from that week bundle. Or its only 25 glory keys. Thats rather small.

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Consider last week as an example, killing Ghulvania troops.

I can do a casual PVP match for 3-6 glory. Or I can do an explore in Ghulvania for 1-4 event stones, so 1-4 glory. Sure, the explore match is a bit easier than the casual PVP, but if I’m glory hunting pvp is probably still the way to go since I get more gold and a trophy as well.