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Increasing Soulforge mythic troops options

The Soulforge was introduced to the game well over two years ago. At the time, a little over 20 mythic troops existed in the game. With 4 mythic troops being offered per cycle, we did not have to wait too long for a troop to come back around if we desired to craft it. Fast forward 2+ years. We now have 50 mythic troops and yet, still only 4 options per week. If one is unlucky, it can take 3 months for a desired mythic troop to make a showing again.
I would like to see the offerings increased to 8 or 10 per week to help reduce this cycle time. When the Soulforge started, it took approximately 5 or 6 weeks to cycle through all the potential mythics. 8 or 10 offerings per week would get us back to that same time frame.
A very spirited discussion transpired after the Soulforge was introduced that ALL troops should be available each week. I actually would prefer this option as well but the devs were, for whatever reason, unwilling to do so. I am not requesting that possibility again but it seems fairly ridiculous to require players to wait potentially twice as long for a desired troop than when the mode was first launched.


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I agree!

I’m only short of Plague and War. I’ve got just over 3,200 Diamonds, so I’m not going to get it from the Soulforge this week.

That means that, if I craft War when it appears some time in the next 10 weeks (according to the recent thread I’ve just read), I’ll then need to amass another 4000 Diamonds and hope that Plague doesn’t appear before I’ve got them.

This could mean that I’m not going to be able get it for, at worst, around another six months!


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I agree that the soul forge is a bad/outdated system. I’ve been meaning to make a thread similar to this myself so I’d really like a dev or community manager to weigh in on this.

Are there any plans to make changes to the soul forge?

I don’t see why we can’t just craft whatever whenever (particularly the legendary troops). It still takes an obsessive amount of time to get the diamonds to craft the mythic in the first place. It’s very challenging to new players to keep up with a system like this.


Increase the weekly rotation to 5 options.

Do we want more? Yes. But 5 is the lowest possible increase and thus is the most palatable to the developers.

We do need the weekly rotation to be expanded or it will eventually take forever to get through the rotation. This is currently a problem for kingdom rotation for crafting weapons, which takes about nine months. Eventually, faction events will have the same problem.

Current mythic rotation takes about 3 months. We get a new mythic every month so, every year, the mythic Soulforge rotation length increases by 3 weeks. 5 mythics per week drops these to 2.5 months and 2.5 weeks.


I see no issue with all the mythics being available to craft all the time. It takes months to obtain enough diamonds to craft just 1 mythic no matter how much time and money you spend on the game, so it’s not like people are going to just craft them all immediately should they be available.

With the current system, if a mythic is at the start of one rotation and at the end of the next, a player could have to wait 5 months to craft the mythic they want. That is not making the game more enjoyable.


I vote for this too as a mid-game player with not that many mythics. I think a happy place could be around 6 offers per week after the current cycle. That reduces the queue from 13 weeks down to 9, a span of about 2 months. After every 8-9 mythics, add one more option, just keeping it around 2 month cycles.


Iirc, one if the limitations to adding past Event Weapons to the Soulforge was simply the number of slots available (seems weird, but is what it is).

I think this might need to be resolved somehow before simply being able to increase the number of Mythic options over time (much as I’m in favour – an ever-increasing rotation cycle just doesn’t make me feel great).

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I don’t know if I buy that reasoning from them, if its true. They added Deed crafting formulas and Book of Deed crafting formulas without a problem. Adding a few more troop slots to craft shouldn’t be a problem in comparison.

Others is the second most populated tab outside of Traitstones.
Others: (Books (6), Deeds (7), Ingots (5), Orbs (4), Pet Food (6), Souls (1))


Fair call! Yeah, I don’t really get it. I’m seeing 29 items in the Others tab and 40 in Traitstones. Troops is currently at 16.

In terms of what they said around adding old Event Weapons, I found the references: https://twitch.tv/videos/441113203

(“What is going on with old event weapons?”)

“And then there’s been other issues involved with that, of scaling up – so if we put them in the Soulforge, what happens as we scale up over time? … You know, and more and more weapons appear?”

“[Referring to the Elemental Weapons] If you want those, craft them this week. They’re going to leave the Soulforge this week. And that’s how we’re creating a bit of room.”

“The trick was removing the elemental weapons – it’s kind of obvious in hindsight, but, you know, it was something that was giving us pause for thought as we were doing it, did we need to leave those in there?”

I guess maybe they were just planning A LOT of weapons, potentially had an extra 6 elemental weapons that could have been released, and wanted to make sure there was room or was consistent, idk.


Yeah, although I think 10 would be a bit much, it might be exactly what the game needs. I remember that I had just made Xathenos then literally the next week High King Fatgut came into the soulforge and I was frustrated because I only have about 400 diamonds. Then 2 weeks later, I had about 1.5k diamonds and Pharos-ra come in.

So yeah, I think instead of 4 we should have 5 or 10, good idea.

I just thought I’d requote my post from the 14th of May here.

It’s now the 7th of September and I STILL haven’t been able to craft Plague…

:rage: :rage: :rage:

So, 28th of September, twenty weeks after my OP, I FINALLY get to craft Plague…

Not quite six months, but pretty close.