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Mythic in soulforge

It’s more a question, than a feature requrest, but as game already has 63 mythics (let’s say 60, because 3 are craftable all the time) i just have a question to DEV team. @Saltypatra @Kafka

Did you thought about increasing the number of mythics avaible in soulforge for crafting?

Like currently, we have 60 mythics and 4 of them (+extra 3 that are permament) are avaible for crafting each week. Which can lead up ~30 weeks brake between one exact mythic showing up in soulforge.

New mythic are showing up each month. Plus each campaign add one extra.
Maybe it’s a good idea to make it be 5 mythics/week ?


Maybe they could just add the legendary/mythic troops that match the weekly event kingdom to the forge, similar to how weapons are handled?


If those were ‘extra’ on top of what is already, that yes, it would also be a nice feature.
But if it was to complately replace the current mode, then i think such change would create a lot of negativity. Just look how people complain about Rope Dart not showing up in SF for a year etc.


It would only work on top, hidden kingdoms like Apocalypse aren’t part of the kingdom event rotation.

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True, forgot about my 5 favorite mythics…

just like how people are missing Rope Dart, imagine if Ubastet/Umenath was holding back Kingdom Star requirements lol

I do like the idea of increasing the number of mythics available per week (5 is very reasonable)

For fun, ran the numbers. This is meant to be an objective observation, so any conclusions are your own:

There are currently 64 mythics in the game. 3 of which are permanent (EK, Zuul and Xathenos), and 1 which is Sacred Treasure. That leaves 60 actual mythics.

At a cycle of 4 every week, that takes 15 weeks to complete, just a little over 3 months.
We’re about to start another cycle in next week, meaning that these next 15 weeks will cover 4 new mythic releases (February, March, April and May). We’ll also finish the current campaign. Since the new May mythic is released at the end, we won’t see it in the current cycle, but we should be seeing Quetzalma, since it will have been released more than 4 weeks before the end of the mythic cycle (a theory that would be confirmed if we seen Queen Nefertani shows up next week to finish the current cycle).

All that to say that instead of a 15 week cycle, we’ll have a 16 week cycle (due to 4 new mythics), ending on the week of May 17th.

The following 16-week cycle would end on Sept 6th, spanning (June, July, August, September) and 2 campaign mythics. While we can exclude September and the 2nd campaign mythic, the May mythic and Quetzalma will be added to the mix, leading to 6 new mythics in the cycle, pushing it to 17.5 weeks, ending instead on the week of Sept 20th (although this week will have started a new cycle).

At 4 mythics per week, Jan 2022 will be a 20-week cycle, or 2 cycles per year. A possible comparison would be the kingdom cycle, which is 34-weeks long, or 1.5 cycles per year.

At 5 mythics per week, currently we’d have a 12-week cycle, during which we’d add 3-4 mythics, increasing it to 13-week. This would further increase to 15 weeks and start 2022 as a 17-week cycle. Yet, since the nature of the game is to keep adding more mythics, the number would have to be continuously adjusted to keep the cycle constant.

TLDR: At current rate of 4 mythics per week, by Jan 2022, you’d have to wait 20 weeks for a specific mythic to return. At 5 mythics per week, you’d have to wait 17.


That’s when counting on average scenario.

With best scenario: same mythic can show up in 2 weeks (one time at end of one cycle and 2nd time at begining of next cycle), but with worst scenario, you can wait for mythic to show up again 2x cycle time. (one time at begining of cycle one and 2nd time at end of cycle two).

At least, that’s how i understand those cycles work:

  1. at begining of cycle all mythics are tagged as “not picked in current cycle”
  2. each week, 4 of “not picked ones” get picked, are avaible for crafting etc., and are tagged “already picked, chose someone else”
  3. if there is less mythics than 4, than extra ones are picked from “already picked” group

if that’s the case, then in a bad scenario means, one might have to wait almost 2x cycle_length weeks for a mythic to show up


Fair, and that would fall into the Pridelands/Rope Dart scenario. For a real example:
Only 5 mythics are left in current cycle (plus Queen Nefertani and Pan, for a total of 7). The “worst-case” scenario that you describe would be:

  • Pan in 2 weeks (final week of current cycle)
  • Pan in 1st week of new cycle
  • Pan again in 16 + 18 = 34 weeks (at the end of next cycle)

And since we’ve concluded that cycle lengths will keep increasing unless the count of available mythics are updated, this will only get longer.

For my opinion, as much as I would like more mythics available per week, I rarely have enough diamonds to craft more than one every 2-3 months (F2P) so having to wait 34 weeks for a specific mythic is not really a big deal for me, especially with only half of them being particularly desirable. Granted, my kingdom progression is halted on almost all kingdoms due to lack of mythics.

+1 to adding more troops to be crafted in soul forge.

Could we get more slots for legendaries as well please? Those take forever to cycle through.

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8 Mythics a week sounds good, and maybe 12 Legendaries. This way people don’t have to wait months getting something, but when that is said it is OBVIOUS that they want people to stick around waiting for being able to craft a troop, and to get addicted meanwhile. The currently 4/4 serves a purpose.


Optimal cycle length is probably somwhere like 12-14 weeks. That way player is guaranted that if they miss a particulat mythic they are guaranted to see them in soulforge in next 6 months (or earlier). Too short cycles would probably devaluate campaign pass, so you can forget about 6 or 8 week long cycles. But keeping it ~13 weeks is probably the best option.

Adding more mythics to cycle wouldn’t brake any game balance, because it’s more a matter of owning required resources -> people wont start crafting like crazy with that change. And people with full/almost full collection and tons of resources also wont benefit much from it -> only mythics they’re missing are probably those from campaign passes, or few crappy ones, they never bothered to craft (and wont either after the change).

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Thing is, they’re not doing much for veteran players, and making new players wait for months will not very likely be keeping them around.

Also, we’re already very limited by the amount of diamonds we can earn.

I really don’t see any good reason for not increasing the number of mythics and legendaries in the forge.

Don’t understand why we can’t craft whatever we want once we have the diamonds but if you have to keep it that way, at least give us more so the cycles don’t get longer and longer and longer and longer and…


I see rope dart was mentioned a few times and I guess I’m just curious as to when that might be available as I’ve never seen it anywhere

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Not any time soon in Soulforge. According to info from spoiler sites.

Pridelands is not on the list of current campaign kingdoms, so the first possible date, when Rope Dart might be in soulforge is Tower of Doom weekend.
If it’s not Pridelands ToD, than we will have to wait for another campaign to start to tell. Pridelands is one of few kingdoms that didn’t have their week since campaigns started to it’s quite reasonable to assume it will be one of kingdoms involved in next campaign.

Now current campaing week is 5. So Pridelands won’t show up is at least 5 weeks… So 1st of March is the earliest possible date for Rope Dart to be in sourforge.

(everything above was written without use of any spoiler sites, which might include additional info, like troops released on 1st march from other kingdoms than Pridelands)