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New Hero Class: Slayer

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-hero-class-slayer/

New Hero Class: Slayer A new Hero Class has been released, the Slayer. Complete Gemhammer’s Slayer Training quest in Dhrak-Zum to unlock this Hero Class. Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for…

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Is it a single stack of Bleed or full stack of 4 bleed? If it’s a single stack, this Tier 3 trait, that defines the Slayer class, will do a total of 6 damage — up to maybe 15-18 if you’re really lucky, it’s a slow game, and there’s no impervious troops on the enemy team.

Still think it should have been “inflict bleed to 2-4 random enemies when inflicting skull damage”. At least then it could apply more than 3 times.

So many classes have either:

  • 50% Mana start for troop type, that is very helpful for PvP matches, or just in general, to help get your spells going off before the enemy’s.
  • or a bonus that applies on 4+ matches/each turn/ally spell cast, all of which will apply multiple times in a match

So a trait that only happens 3 times a match (rare exception with Orbweaver or Bandit talent), and actually GETS WORSE as you have less enemies, seems really underwhelming.


When all the classes have been released we will need a huge rework on most of them. But sadly, I can’t see any rework is coming. Classes have been out for about two years already with not even a single class rework. I think it’s a bigger chance that we will see Sashquash in Norway than a Classes rework in the future.


Clearly slayer was misnamed. Because only the forum comments will be doing the slaying here.

Only upside is a weapon that instakills… Without affixes. Still not the best instamt kill but u know.

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-Unify your wording
-Make these things mechanically different, and add a dang in-game explanation/wiki
-Drop the search function and start adding prose like “spread {x} units of earth, aided by your fellow miners” (create {x} brown gems boosted by allies), because flavor beats mechanics.

Also, this is one of those cases where I would think that bleed is not required for the slaying because there is a period in between, but the game has proven me wrong with such things before.


when you don’t even use the new class for the class battles :upside_down_face::rofl:


I almost never do this.


Assassin class has the Serpentine Dagger which has a 10% chance to kill, 20% if they are poisoned. Deathdealer needs 5 Doomskulls on the board to match that 20%.

Oddly enough though, this weapon is PRETTY BAD. Its chance to kill increases the more doomskulls there are, but the more doomskulls there are, the more likely it is that you could probably match one of them, which means if you pass up matching doomskulls to use this, you’re effectively gambling that this will kill them, meanwhile you leave doomskulls for your enemy to use.

Best case scenario for this is that there are a lot of doomskulls but no matches (and no way to drop gems to make matches). Otherwise you’re just trading damage and you’d be better off matching the doomskulls yourself.


Another failure of a class.

And people still go crazy over a $5 pet…


The steam pet? It provides a QOL update (auto scouting) from the VIP pts, and some extra bonuses like not worrying about a level 20 pet for Adana, and the other VIP 3 perks.

Yeah, I’m not happy with many of the game design decisions and updates, but frankly, I’d be foolish not to purchase it if I’m going to continue to play the game for hours each week. Just speaking for myself. Everyone’s situation is different.


application of on enemy death is extremely limited
bleed cleanses

this trait doesn’t amount to anything since after 2-3 turns, the bleed is gone. they’d have to change bleed to never cleanse to make this mean anything


Good 2nd trait, horrible 3rd trait! Has the potential to threaten Viper for the worst 3rd trait of the game.

Maybe Inflict bleed to all enemies when matching 4/5 gems?

The biggest problem is bleed itself. You go through the effort of bleeding an enemy, then you have to go through the effort of bleeding the same target 3 more times. Its not always easy to target the same troop 4 times with this effect. During this time of stacking up to 4, if this game’s natural cleanse kicks in, every single stack disappears. The game is laughing at all of your efforts amounting to nothing.

Bleed stacks should only be cleansed one at a time if they’re expecting the bleed mechanic to do anything. This is slightly different from my earlier rant about how the 3rd trait of Slayer does nearly nothing.


Yeah seriously. Bleed could be so much better. It should be applied at like 4 stacks each application and go down by one every turn. Also the stack limit should be way higher, like 12.

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78 true damage each turn is terrifying.

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All I’m saying is that bleed is something to be feared in other games that I’ve played. In this game it’s just… Something. Maybe 12 is too high but 4 is definitely too low imho.

The drawback yet again, is having a troop that can deal damage be so brittle itself.

I’ve ran it in PVP at 70.

Bleed stacks cleansing with the proliferation of Cedric’s generally means you get about 2 bleeds total, even when killing every turn.

It does not have the dwarven traits such as fortitude which also means it does not have death mark protection. The bleed will cause L&D to summon spiders.

It can accelerate ‘Fireblade’ with High Forge, although I have not used it with him yet, and it gets ‘Bloodthirsty’, so the second trait becomes of limited value. We do not have another way of accelerating Fireblade with a half start I believe.

So, ideally he would be in top slot. As Slayer is so brittle, with no skull negation, no starting root trap, no vanguard, then you rely on others to help a lot. Most supporting casts don’t start you with entanglement and such, so basically running it in top slot is very risky. This is expecially so with empowered skull converters and empowered mana generators on the opposing team. There’s also Webspinner being so prevalent on PC/Mobile at least, as there are often two chances that skulls can be matched by AI on their first turn, plus an alignment for an empowered generator. With you entangled, it’s almost cheating as you have to clear and prevent 3 areas where the AI can get going and ofc 1 skull hit and he’s gone.

So, part of the problem with these new classes is they just are behind the 8 ball as soon as they are released, because of design decisions allowing stuff like the above.

Using Slayer has to probably be in slots 2,3 or 4, behind a tank with strong skull negation and you need others to kill.

It also doesn’t get any form of summons. It therefore works when things are killed, but then your traits are not going to be as useful. Bloodthirsty enrages you only. Bloodlust is sat behind a tank and Fireblade can’t be used. Then there’s stuff such as Soulcaller and Blood and Glory that just need to go.

All the talents from the war tree are casualties of the lack of skull protection and so it develops like this, where a class is not working as the talents would suggest.


Hahaha, a class that makes fighting Orbweaver even worst!!
You kill a Spider, Orbweaver bleeds new ones.
Hahahaha, omg, please play your game.




So we have a Useful Dwarf hero class (Runepriest) and a Useless one (Slayer) now.