New Hero Class: Warpriest

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New Hero Class: Warpriest

A new Hero Class has been released, the Warpriest. Complete Amira’s Warpriest Training quest in Leonis Empire to unlock this Hero Class.

Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for the Warpriest.

Lame class. (Accurate and short feedback)


I don’t even need to bother flipping a coin, this class will never stun me.

I guess an ok weapon as a combination of a nyx and siren, but let’s see how it plays out. I doubt it will be the most annoying or strongest weapon and a bit too random with unknown gem creation.

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I wonder if the third trait would feel better if the chance to stun were based on the number of opponent troops, 25% for each. So, 100% chance to stun when the battle starts, 25% chance to keep one remaining troop in stun lock.


To be honest, I think a flat 100% chance would be fine given that there aren’t any of the top tier talents associated with this class (except possibly the enrage one)


As usual i am disappointed with the class talents, especially with the lvl 100 row. Why not instead of Urska give Humans a bonus (this is a human class!)?

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There is no bonus for Human troop type among hero talents.

@Nullings i am unsure what you are saying. Are humans not a race that can get a stat bonus with class traits? That was just an example anyways…the 100 row is just weak in general and giving humans a bonus wouldnt really make it better.

You mentioned a talent concerning Urska (Morale). Many troop types have bonuses among talents, but there is nothing for Humans. And while there is no perspective of a new hero talent (which can possibly contain some Human type bonuses), we may hope on reworking existing talents only.

Another thing is class traits. Yes, it could be added through traits. But was not.

This guy needs to stick to the monastery.

I mean, OK, Holy Armor I’m on board with. Wrath of Anu is interesting, but “at the start of turn” is a slow trigger.

There are only 5 interesting picks across the entire talent tree, and 5 of them are at level 70. Even then, Bloodthirsty vs. Lightbringer vs. Inspiration is hardly an exciting or flexible choice.

This is a filler class. Pass.

Yep. I hope that Sentinel will be much more useful.

Just going to repeat something I tossed into a different thread that didn’t get much visibility:

I wish, instead of the talent trees, we had a more thoughtful design per-class. I mean right now, with 21 current classes, this is a bit too much work, but it’d be nice if going forward we had something like this:

  • Level 1: 3 different “Ally {creature type} troops get {a stat boost}.”
  • Level 5: A choice between a status immunity, a farming bonus, a retaliation for skull damage, etc.
  • Level 10: Equivalent to a 1st trait on troops.
  • Level 20: A choice between a color bonus, storm talents, and stuff like “starts with 50% mana”.
  • Level 40: A choice between some 4/5 match bonus, a “summon on death” trigger, or some other repeatable trigger.
  • Level 70: Equivalent to a 2nd trait.
  • Level 100: Equivalent to a 3rd trait for a Legendary or Mythic.

I feel talents like Rock Solid, Lightning Strike, and Backup are 2nd/3rd trait material. Yet they exist at tree levels that have almost no competition. The only level 100 talents worth a snot in the trees are Fortitude and “strictly worse Death Below”.

It’d be very, very nice to see actual choices that have meaningful impact at each level. Most talent trees have 4 or less “interesting” talents along the way. Some have 2. The trees are just creating an illusion of choice.

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Just you wait for…


Is it controversial to say that if they want to make other classes useful they really need to remove rock solid? In the era of high level content that can one shot it’s just too vital and any class that doesn’t have it will always be 2nd rate.

Talent trees in general need a desperate makeover. The talent trees are just extremely lackluster. Take a look at Titan and Frostmage. These are some of the strongest classes because their talents and traits are very powerful. But even with these classes, there are some horribly boring talents like Aquatic Glory and Mystic Channel. Merfolk gain 2 magic when an enemy dies? Generally speaking, any talents that happen after an enemy dies are too slow to matter. The ones that give 1 Attack every turn are slightly better, but still pretty unimpactful.

This looks awesome but can we get rid of the 50 gems to change classes. Especially since to play the other opportunities (delves, raids, etc) you have to keep bouncing from one to another.

I can change troops in and out…why can’t I have the hero do the same.

This will be fixed in the next major patch. Devs have stated that class changes will be made free (and even better, a different class can be assigned to each team!).



I really have gotten back into using my hero but end up struggling to decide which event to play or not because it costs.