New Hero Class: Dervish

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New Hero Class: Dervish


A new Hero Class has been released, the Dervish. Complete Marid’s Dervish Training quest in Drifting Sands to unlock this Hero Class.

Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for the Dervish.

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Oh, good, this thread is up. During the quest, I noticed that it wasn’t only me forgetting things:

(The text at the bottom is missing a word)


We need to stagger news posts and their associated social posts, so when we have multiple content releases they will be staggered in the 40 minutes after daily reset. :slight_smile:

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Why (again!) are weekend class events shafted in terms of rewards?

I’m not going to stop asking, it’s nonsense.

I haven’t even reached the stage I can get a screenshot of it (yet), I just remember.


Just one measly orb at the end. Prospective non-value of orbs notwithstanding …


And a very poor choice for the kingdom team. You’re lucky if you have Scorpius.

The text made me LOL :joy:

The power creep at its best.
Runepriest looks at the third trait and cries.

Runepriest rolls with dwarves usually. The 3rd trait won’t touch 99% of the dwarves…

Monster get +2 all skills
Dwarves get +2 Life and Attack.

There is no argument to have.

Then again, Oracle gives +2 magic to Centaurs… when ennemy cast a spell. Just… wow.

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What happens if you select Dodge as your level 70 Talent? Does it stack with the Agile Trait?


You named 3rd trait, and that is Stun all enemies on match 4/5’s
A trait that’s mostly useless vs the impervious/fortitude-d dwarves.

I’m pretty sure @Venar is discussing the Dhervish hero trait and not the new mythic Obsidius…


I believe you are in the wrong thread then.
This is about the Hero class.
The new Mythic is in another thread.

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What happens if you select Dodge as your level 70 Talent? Does it stack with the Agile Trait?

I think we would all appreciate an answer to this question. @Kafka @Cyrup @Saltypatra

I see two possibilities:

  1. The traits stack and give 50% chance to dodge (worth it)
  2. There are two seperate chances to dodge; 20% then 30%…which would be a 25% chance on average. (not worth it)

How do you figure? You get hit if you fail both, which is 80%*70% = 56% odds. The remaining 44% of the time at least one triggered.


My bad then, I took 20+30/2 to get 25%. My math may be off, but I still would like to know which of the 2 scenarios are true.

And, in my opinion, dodge is the best thing this class has going for it. A 44% chance to dodge is still too weak to make this is a viable class for something like GW.

I believe it’s the worst scenario: only higher percent works, this means 30% from the talent cover 20% from the trait.

afaik armor reduction stacks multiplicatively so hopefully dodge will work in the same manner

Ah snap. True. Confused one with the other… I can just blame the coffee:sleeping:

The Dervish trait also fairly shames Dragonguard’s.

On the other hand, Dervish has a garbage set of talents to pick from. Basically just Hunter’s Mark spam at lvl1, Backup or Duststorm at lvl20 and Dodge or Lightning at lvl70 (and lets be real, diminishing returns on Dodge vs already-better Lightning isn’t really a choice).