New Hero Class: Dervish

I think you’d also perhaps have to take into account the troops available for the Hero to buff – e.g. Dragons have several AoE spells, and are already quite strong.

Nonetheless, I was pretty surprised by the trait, and it’s pretty chunky when you’re using an AoE weapon on the Hero in a looping team (e.g. some kind of Doomed weapon). It’s basically on par (or much better) than the Titan + Hyndla combo, especially since you only need 1 troop, not 2.

On the other hand, Monsters have Crimson Bat. For starters.


Also Arachnaean Weaver.

Or you could throw him on a team with Scorpius and some other brown mana Monster troops like Megavore, Khorvash or Glaycion and you can get some crazy stat boosting going on. The only challenge is developing a team with good symmetry in this brave new world of Empowered fueled defense teams!

That isn’t a good thing since its bad for future proofing. At some point Monsters will get something that’ll break the +2 stats on 4/5 match while Dragons fall off in power scale to the point where Dragonguard won’t matter.

I’ve done the quest but no Dervish class unlocked.
Also the text in the Class Event Box says something like “in about 5 days”.

All platforms but Nintendo Switch


Switch contents are 8+ months behind everywhere else


There was no word about Switch or other platforms in the announcement so it seemed to be for all.
Basically if the post title has nintendo switch in parentheses it is available on switch. Otherwise it isnt

I’ll complain until someone official will change this.
No offense: Take this serious or as a running gag (just started). I don’t care. But I won’t stop.
I think there should be no problem to mark the messages like the Switch messages.

I don’t think there is a problem with the way things are. If it says Switch in the title then Switch gets it but if it doesn’t have Switch in the title then Switch doesn’t get it. For probably the next 6+ months you won’t be getting the same weekly event, pet event, class event or mythic troop the rest of the platforms gets.

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OK. We don’t have to discuss this.
I don’t necessarily need the same event. I just don’t want to guess every time if it’s a message for me or not.
And I don’t see a reason why the announcements can’t be changed to be distinct. I mean… it doesn’t hurt anybody.

You’re in luck. If an official news title says (Nintendo Switch), its for you! If not, then its not for you.


How is Sandunner’s damage calculated? I’ve noticed Dervish’s 3rd trait only gives +1 for its damage on each 4/5 match.

Your observation is correct. The formula is (magic × 2) + 4, so Dervish’s only give 1 more spell damage per a trigger.


Speaking of it, it’s very strong for a Ultra-Rare: doing 4x damage of the number on the card. So +1 actually mean +4 in term of total damage.

Thank you!

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With these class events, they need to make one of two changes
Extend the rewards to match other weekend events OR remove the emojis and portrait from the shop

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I would appreciate it if they removed emojis and portraits from the Class event shop.

Raid (Tier 5)
Invasion (Tier 5)
Tower of Doom (Tier 6)

Bounty (Tier 5)
Delve (Tier ?)

That’s plenty of gems being drained from people, sometimes twice a week. If they overdo it, people will just stop trying to collect them nullifying their entire purpose of enticing an extra tier of purchase.

If you push someone to their limits, they push back.

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So – can anyone explain about dodging? 20% from trait and 30% from talent - how it will work? Adding up (50%), consuming (30%) or combining by probability (20% + 80% * 30% = 30% + 70% * 20% = 44%)?