New Hero Class: Archmagus

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New Hero Class: Archmagus A new Hero Class has been released, the Archmagus. Complete Princess Elspeth’s Archmagus Training quest in Silverglade to unlock this Hero Class. Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP…

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Class quest was quite amusing. Shame Salty can’t do voice overs.

If there are awards for best class story then I think this one will be a “shoe-in” for the award.


Oh wow, a new princess entitlement story. I’m both excited and practicing my eye rolls.

Awful troop variety for the new class event (again) and not seeing much to get excited about. Mediocre class and mythic troop. Although the mythic does have doom and delve potential I suppose.

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I wouldn’t say Archmagus is mediocre…it is not a front-slot class, but the arcane and storms talent trees are strong, and having arcane is really good as well. It will likely only see use when paired with a strong purple damage-dealer or hero weapon (doomed scythe comes to mind), but it’s still pretty good.


Will the final class Talent of +1 magic for elementals when ally casts spell, combine with the class Trait +1 magic when allies cast spell, for a total of +2 magic for each elemental when an ally casts a spell?
And will this mean gobtruffle will get +2 damage each extra turn from his spell?
That could build up pretty fast.

Arcane trait applies only to the hero
Lord of Storms talent applies to Elementals. Unfortunately the hero is a Mystic.

No super crazy stacking going on

Even with a limited troop selection, it is a surprisingly easy event. It’s been a while since I’ve used wisp to great effect.

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I like wisp but I wouldn’t use it unless troop selection was SO limited.