New Hero Class: Diabolist

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New Hero Class: Diabolist A new Hero Class has been released, the Diabolist. Complete the Herald of Chaos’s Diabolist Training quest in the Blighted Lands to unlock this Hero Class. Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to…

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Whose idea was it to give a hero class, or anything, that final trait? XD


Like for realz, daemons need a 50 % mana start or magic buff every 4 matches.


Anyone wanna share their Class Event teams? Daemon and Blighted Lands.

Quite obviously Tezca. :see_no_evil:


First was stormcaller, and now this…

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If it has to be THAT trait, why not bump the % to 35 or even 50? But it would still be meh for a hero class trait. I thought that some hero classes were gonna get a rework on the traits? If so this is just adding to the pot…

because every time something is 50% summon related, people ask for a nerf :stuck_out_tongue:


Fireblade is for first position heroes.
Summoners are for positions 2-4.
Perhaps the best way to fix the participation of Class Trials is to release Classes that aren’t hot garbage.
What’s the incentive to level up/use a class that is battling Oracle and Knight for the most irrelevant class title of the world?
If your designers played the game and didn’t rely on a dart board to make decisions… Then we wouldn’t have this issue.
I get that not every of the 700+ troops can be a home run.
But 34 hero classes…I don’t think balance there is asking for too much. Daemons are not nearly as powerful as y’all evidently think they are.


This class as is, is totally useless…If classes are going to this bad, then i would prefer it not to be released at all…I would suggest changing the last trait to something beneficial…Maybe “give a random ally 4 mana on 4/5 gem matches”…I hope others post ideas, as this is is another class that seriously needs a rework, even though it has just been relased


The class has potential in some teams. Sudden Doom and Chill on death can work very well with Daemon, i.e the (vulnerable) Killing Machine that is Wrath. However, it’s still wasting talents as you mention, like Fireblade as it is, and we aren’t going to see half starts with fireblade anytime soon. Daemon is crying out for half start and summoning junk (we get that as a low level talent) should never be a third trait.

I mean why not a bit like Tidecaller, explode 2 purple gems or something on 4/5 gem matches. Would not break anything.


Nice and easy class trial team :+1::+1:
Lamashtu and erinyes fills L&D, hellcat fills lamashtu, l&d does the hard work.


Yeah, the 3rd trait on diabolist is just… meh.

Seriously, there’s loads of options we could of had.
50% mana start for daemons (like crow said)
Something that buffs daemons…
Hell, (pun pun) we could of had “25% chance to burn or curse a random enemy on an ally cast”.


Diabolist? More like DiaBLOWist. :laughing:

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Does it bother you not to be using the Diabolist class in its own class trial? The 10 XP you get from each set of five battles is a pretty significant chunk of the reward XP.

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Most classes don’t work well within their own class trial.
Which should read as an indictment in it’s own right.


Nah, not planning use tht class anyway, I think is a really bad class. Just going for the free gem rewards😁

Heh you guys are late on the draw.

It is perplexing to see how the devs seem to have lost their way on class traits. They were on a roll for much of 2019, but then we saw Hierophant, the original Stormcaller trait (saved at the 11th hour) and now this.

At least the class weapon is good?

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Junk = free devour fodder in a Vash team, if you lose a troop to death mark or something unexpected? It’s a stretch but it’s all I can think of possibly related to another demon… [edit: yes, thats quite a lot of setup for a “maybe” good in that tiny niche]


The thing is something is already dead if you summon a nightmare. It’s going to be a worse troop to what was there before. I suppose if you run a Vash team, popping one could work out, but you are better off summoning webspinner with just having Weaver in the team.

We get backup on talents early., L20. A third trait with a 1:4 chance of summoning a troop as poor as Nightmare is really really poor. A third trait on hero/heroines should be something far better than that in the current guise of the game.

For a start, if you run a Daemon team odds are you have either Wrath or Glaycion or Gorgotha in first slot. Nightmare blocks 2 of them and feeds a few reds, none of them need.

It’s unrealistic to plan for it and it’s unreliable to actually summon it. Bear in mind some recents releases -

Harpy Mage 25% chance to summon a Bladewing when enemy dies - second trait on an Epic troop.

Queen Xochi 35% chance to summon an Epic troop on 4/5 gem matches.

Just two examples.

And of course Golem Protector a level 10 talent summoning an epic troop on damage to life.

It’s a really tardy release as is, sadly.