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New Hero Class: Doomsayer

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-hero-class-doomsayer/

New Hero Class: Doomsayer A new Hero Class has been released, the Doomsayer. Complete Luther’s Doomsayer Training quest in Sin of Maraj to unlock this Hero Class. Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion…


Now that all kingdom have a class, we can hope for old classes getting their revamp


Good idea, let’s start with Doomsayer. Change 3rd trait to give daemon allies a half mana start.


Yup, that third trait is as meh as they come.

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Save that for Diabolist. We need a class with the Fire Tree that has a half mana start anyways

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I’m gonna pretend that Monk was the last class released so that it ended on a great note.
Rather than being excited to use Doomsayer. I’m trying to figure out where in the bottom five of worst classes that I’ll rank it. Monk dethroned Thief class for the best class. Doomsayer may dethrone Oracle for the worst class.


Am I missing something here?

How is a class with purification, two choices of a starting storm, disease on 4/5 match, a free bonus explosion 2nd trait, and a chance to deathmark on 4/5 match as a 3rd trait the worst possible class?

Why would you even run Oracle over this class?


Not gonna lie, I laughed harder than I should at the “I’ll be damned” joke at the end. Nice to see Luther again.

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That’s what sirrian and nimhain said about a year ago during a dev Q&A, so fingers crossed.

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At least it destroys a gem a the start. That gives it the opportunity to start the entire team with some mana. Nothing else going for it, it seems.

25% chance to death mark a random enemy on 4+ matches, while they have a 10% chance to either die or remove it the next round (and if it hits something immune to death mark, ignore it completely). I mean, Death Mark does suck to have on you… it’s a ticking time bomb, so maybe a 25% on 4+ matches isn’t that bad. I’ll have to play around with it though.

The problem with Death Mark is that you don’t just sit back and wait for enemies with Death Mark on them to die, because you don’t know if it’s going to trigger or not, so you still need to focus on damaging… and then it’s like, well, maybe I should just kill them anyway instead of trying for death marks.

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I see it more like Drowned Sailor. I’m using that for Yellow to Blue, but sometimes it gets annoying with Death Mark and sometimes it actually kills.

I remember the good ole days when an enemy Death manages to team wipe an entire team on the first turn possible with death marks lol. That’s kinda why this isn’t 100% chance on 4/5 match. Too high of a % and some people will start being annoyed that random death marks are killing them.

For once, Bastite Priestess might actually be usable…


This weapon though… everyone with Doom Scythe asking “But why?” And I imagine even people without it asking that too. I don’t know what it is about Scythes but a few of them follow a pattern of having (Magic/2 + X) for damage.

Sins’ Harvest: Magic/2 + 1
Burning Scythe: Magic /2 + 2
Burning Scythe: Magic /2 + 2

But others are completely normal…

Doomed Scythe, Creeping Death, Morthani’s Scythe, Fiend Fire, all deal Magic + some to all enemies.


FYI if you want to max your new Doomsayer to level 100 (I’ve never bothered calculating this before, so figured I’d do it this time, even though I’ve done this for a couple classes previously) you need to buy Tier 7 a total of 7 times for a total gem cost of 4850. This will give you 4330 XP, then you’ll get 145 from Rewards, and a minimum of 336 XP from the purchased sigils. That’s a total of 4811 XP. Then add in the additional ravens you’ll get along the way (typically 1 raven every 4 battles), and you basically double the number of sigils you have, because 1 raven every 4 battles is 2 extra sigils. So then every two ravens is 4 sigils, which means another raven, which means more sigils. It works out to about double the sigils if you never miss a raven. You should end up at around level 99 or so.

If you only want to get to level 70, you’ll need 2556 XP. You can get that by purchasing Tier 7 a total of 3 times (this will give you 2330 XP, plus 145 from rewards, and ~352 from battles, so you’ll be at level ~73. If you only purchase Tier 7 two times though, you’ll be at around level 65.

AND… for those thinking you need to get your levels in for the Kingdom requirements, keep in mind that Sin of Maraj is only at 7 max power right now. To unlock 8 we need 2 more troops. A delve will add 4 troops which puts us at 18 troops, which fulfills star 9 (which requires unlocking the class, collecting a pet, and unlocking 3 traits on 16 troops).

To unlock 10 stars though, we would need 2 additional troops past the 4 from a delve.


Thanks for working through the math and confirming why I will never do that!


Just curious: what is written on ribbons? Those around the skull.

Gems of Explosion class event weekend! Michael Bay would be proud.

Because for every talent you mentioned there’s a class that does it better.
The Death Mark factor would be nice but history tells me that the RNG factor of it is always going to go in favor of the AI.
At least Oracle is a unique class type in the form of a Centaur. Doomsayer is our 3rd Daemon type class. I’m happy you find a copy of a copy of a copy of a class to be useful. I see it as one of the least used classes in the game and will find itself closer to the bottom of the ranks than the top.
And yes I know that Monk was our 3rd elf type. But it’s third trait made it unique enough that it’s actually fun to use.
All they had to do was give Daemon 50% Mana start for the third trait.
Oh and that Explosion trait will 90% of the time take away a 4 or More match that I would of got more Mana from and an extra turn. It will definitely work against the player more often than it will help.


If it had the traits:

  • Allied daemons gain 1 Magic
  • Jinx: Halve enemy gem masteries
  • Daemon Lord: Allied daemons start at 50% mana.

Then it would be bonkers good.

To add on to what AWRyan has said, let’s look at the talent trees…

Classes with Chaos: Sorcerer (Daemon), Diabolist (Daemon), Archmagus (Mystic), Plaguelord (Human), Doomsayer (Daemon)

Class with Death: Assassin (Naga), Slayer (Dwarf), Necromancer (Undead), Deathknight (Undead), Diabolist (Daemon), Doomsayer (Daemon)

Classes with Life: Monk (Elf), Tidecaller (Merfolk) Stormcaller (Stryx), Priest (Divine), Hierophant (Fey), Doomsayer (Daemon)

Now… how about the combinations of these?

Life + Death: Doomsayer
Life + Chaos: Doomsayer
Chaos + Death: Diaboolist, Doomsayer

So Doomsayer does have two 100% unique combinations. No other classes have Life + Death or Life + Chaos, and only one other has Chaos + Death. But what are the good talents from the Life tree anyway?

  • Purification at 5
  • Nature’s Will at 70

How about Chaos?

  • Plaguebearer at 10
  • Delirium at 70

And Death?

  • Chill of Death at 5
  • Icy Veil at 20
  • Swift Curse at 70

Now… Purification is 100% the best talent you can get at level 5, no argument, so Chill of Death is out. The standard build will probably look like this:

  • Level 1: any
  • Level 5: Purification (Life)
  • Level 10: Plaguebearer (Chaos)
  • Level 20: Icy Veil (Death)
  • Level 40: Life Siphon (Death)
  • Level 70: Swift Curse (Death)
  • Level 100: Chaos Wave (Chaos)

So what are we missing? Well, level 1 sucks because we don’t have Hunt from Cunning, Chaos Storm from Storms, Snap Freeze from Water, or Haunted Weave from Forest, etc. At level 10 we don’t have Anti-Magic Sphere from Arcane and at level 20 we don’t have Mana Source from Arcane… at 40 we don’t have Rock Solid from Stone or Deluge from Water. At 70 we don’t have Tree of Knowledge from Knowledge. We don’t have Fortitude from Stone at 100 or Fireblade from Fire. And we don’t have any of the Shadow talents that are amazing like Stealthy, Dusk’s Aura, or Rising Shadows.

But let’s say I really want to play a Daemon class. What class should I play then? Well, you could play Sorcerer, which does have all those awesome Shadow talents, along with Chaos for things like Plaguebearer or even Sudden Doom if you want that.

Or you could play Diabolist which does have all the Death talents like Swift Curse, Chill of Death, AND Fireblade (which seems really good since you can start with a Doomstorm…)

What are you giving up playing those classes over this new Doomsayer class? You’re losing a purple gem explosion, a random chance to death mark a random enemy, and Purification. So… you’re losing Purification.

Literally the only thing Doomsayer has going for it is that it has access to Purification. That’s it.


You think this would be mentioned more considering Cedric/Egg Thief/Greed is still a thing. Its not as detrimental as you think it is. In fact, the positive side of things is it fills you with potential mana and may occasionally create new 4/5 matches that weren’t on the board in the first place.

I find it more useful than Diabolist and Sorcerer, so yes I am. Those other 2 classes are underpowered and need buffs.

Oracle may be a unique centaur, but the Light, Knowledge, Wind combo does so little that other classes get used in centaur events. If it kept the original Stone tree over the Wind Tree, it could have been decent. I’ll take a class that can function over a class that doesn’t.

They can easily do that for one of the 2 older classes, or create a new troop for it. In fact, you wouldn’t want it on this class as it just becomes yet another half mana start class with purification with no other redeeming features. You may as well go Tidecaller then.