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New Hero Class: Shaman

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-hero-class-shaman/

New Hero Class: Shaman

A new Hero Class has been released, the Shaman. Complete Sunweaver’s Shaman Training quest in Wild Plains to unlock this Hero Class.

Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Participate in this event to help earn Champion XP for the Shaman.


Tauros is too weak of a type to justify the one positive from the class/talent tree being a 50% Mana start.
Congratulations on making the new worst class in the game.
Weapon is a good one though so I look forward to grinding this worthless class for 250 wins.
Usually, I would just buy enough tiers to get the weapon from the shop. But the class sucks so much that I can’t support it by spending any gems on it. I’m debating even using the free ones. Unfortunate.

This event reminded me that my Ragereaver is now useless until the Weapon Affix fix comes in.

It had 1 job!

Well I’m not taking my class off Titan very much while I’m still hitting the Doom Tower. Soooo… juggling time.

I mean, I’m gonna put it on Dragonguard if I get a chance, not Tauros lol.

In term of usefulness, I would put it at Archer > Shaman > Warden. Quite great above some other half-start classes. A great candidate for Raid pick.

How’s the weapon in arena?

In terms of usefulness it has none as it doesnt appear in your inventory after gem purchasing

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Try restarting your game. It’s showing up as unowned in my inventory


At least the devs made a sensible change putting the War Talent Tree instead of Water.

Befitting of the worst kingdom in this entire game.

But on a serious note, it wouldn’t be too hard to fix the Tauros into something fun to use, Ketras and this Class together already makes 50% of a team somewhat ok. The rest of the troops in Wild Plain have nothing in commom to even beging with, aside from the gnolls and their stupid random targetting theme. All the random beasts and monsters makes me think Wild Plains is Krystara’s version of Australia. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a Kangaroo or Drop Bear monster being added to it later…

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I don’t think it’s all that bad. It means that Rageweaver is now slightly less useless because we have 4x Tauros to maximise it’s spell.

Only downside is that you can’t run Rageweaver and Chief Stronghorn in the same team because the former completely blocks the latter.

Is there any bonus champion XP during class events? If so, how does it work? It doesn’t also apply to the 250 wins for the weapon, does it?


The battles in the event will give you 2 Talent XP like PVP and some other event battles.

No it doesn’t. The only quicker way to get the weapon is buying the tiers with gems on the Event Shop.

I don’t think you need to rush for the weapon, doing delves battles and daily tasks will get you there soon enough.

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It looks like you do not need to choose the new Shaman class to get this bonus.

I’m using Frostmage now, and got 2 champion XP. Clicking on my avatar and class info before and after one battle, I see that my champion XP did indeed rise by 2.

If someone is using Shaman and tests this, let us know if your champion XP also rises by 2, rather than 4.

The battle itself during the Class Event will give you 2xp to your active class, whichever it is

Aside from that, every time you clear a floor, you can collect the corresponding reward from the Rewards tab for an additional bonus xp, for each completed floor. This XP will always go directly to the class of the active event.

Hope that helps

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I’m actually really enjoying this class event.
Ragereaver - Shaman class
Ketras the Bull
Wild Plains banner
This works really well for meeeee :slight_smile:

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That’s unfair to Australia.

Is it though? :thinking:

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Not sure how you can say that weapon is good tbh.

Tried in arena and it’s pointless compared to the 2 dooms and i guess db aswell, need at least cast it twice and that if also troops do smthing.

Tried it on pvp 3 trophy’s and was barely tickling the enemy.

Then decided to go bully some weak troops in explore normal and not even 1 of the enemy’s died lmao.

Oh, ofc i mean with weapon +10.

Do you have these base stats?

You may have been thinking that it still has the boost ratio of 1x from previous spoiler data. It actually currently has a 3:1 boost ratio, which means it isn’t particularly good at raw damage compared to, say, Sunbird. Its other bonuses are extremely lackluster for something that doesn’t offer control or disable, always drops the turn, and has pathetically slow ramping/sustain.

1:1 boost ratio would have been a 2-3 cast wipe in a lot of PvP situations, assuming similar stat opponents and no barriers, no submerge etc, and would have offered a good quick lethal option for lower stat PvP opponents (combined with another quick striking heavy damage, preferably one that doesn’t drop the turn). I don’t even think that would have been “overpowered”, honestly. Wish this thing would have at least landed with a 2:1 boost ratio for it to be situationally decent.