New Hero Class: Shaman


I said good. It’s not great, and it’s not bad. It’s just good… specially if you compare it to other class weapons. 🤷


And yet, skeleton key and frost orb are wayyyy more viable.


And yet… Neither of them are green. :grinning:


Exactly, i mean coming from the last 2 hero class weapons this new one is very shabby. But not as useless as Sunpear weapon.


Ofc not, only got all kingdoms to 5 stars.

But even more so, if you need max stats in the game to have it be “good” in my eyes it’s bad.

Fought a team with 11,5k score in pvp that was using it and also his damage was lame, maybe with your 13k score is viable :stuck_out_tongue:


With just one small adjustment it would be a very decent Mythic Weapon.
Add “Dispell all enemies” into its spell and done, the damage still wouldn’t be huge, but it would ignore the possible counters like Barriers and Submerged, it would also deal with Enchanted, Enraged and the next upcoming buffs.

The upgrades are not bad, only the Flaming Upgrade feels underwhelming for a +8 Upgrade in a Mythic weapon when we have a +7 Upgrade like Mass Curing (Cleanse all allies) in an Ultra-Rare weapon (Blade of Justice). Even a Mighty (Gain +2 to attack) or Lucky (Gain +2 to random Status) would work much better with this kind of weapon and effects.


Psst it was an elaborate setup to flex with a stat screenshot.