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Tauros Hero Class

Hi there,

I am not a bull person, but my new weapon would like me better if I was a bull person. Please create a hero class that allows me to be a bull person.

Thank you.

PS. Ragnagord approves of this, so you don’t need to run it by anyone.


If the devs could also stop making bad troops for Wild Plains that would be great. This new “Cow Waifu” is subpar at her own event and a total disgrace outside of it… :roll_eyes:


Was there not a chance for them to buff some of the tauroses before the event, or make the Siegebreaker other mana colors; all blue, purple and yellow was open? I have become a total whine rat the latest weeks - at least I am not afraid to admit it. Help me please, I am cursed!!

Also where is the divine protector type of weapon for the other races?


Cow Waifu. RRRRRRRowwwwrrrrr. Her random damage ability is not fun. Just ask Orion.

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The kingdom have one Beast, the Winged Bison that could find use in this Invasion, limited use but still…

If the devs never decide some general direction for future releases every kingdom will always drift into unnecessary mechanics and lack of sinergy. This been going for two years already…


They definitely should have steered away from that spell mechanic.


Since Sunspear class was this terrible, i can’t wait to see Wild Plains’s class… It’ll be a total mess regarding the Talent Trees and Traits.

Berserker made it work! …Or not, ah well at least he looks fantastic while doing subpar random damage!

Its kind of a problem that we’ve already seen every single tree that will ever exist and now every future class will use some combination of those trees. Really limits the directions they can take this in, especially when and if new mechanics are introduced.


The short answer is one is already in the works. If you want more info, you’ll have to dig through the spoilers thread.

Is that right??? I’m on it!

Not having a Tauros class for this week is a load of :cow: :poop:

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