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Bard class event. Wildfolks? Now? Really?

I must question the decision to place this event during a Boss Raid with the exact same troop restriction!
Someone as a serious goat obsession.

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I’m eating goat curry all next week!!

They just wanted to remind everyone that Faunessa exists.


Nope. The Devs just wanted to get your goat!


You spelled Baard wrong.


Guys, stop kidding around!

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Not a baaad event, and it just happens that bard is Pan’s Vale class. At least there are stats bonus on every goat.
Got 25 gems out of it despite my class being maxed already.

This week is wild, folks.


While I don’t mind this double event, I guess @Saltypatra is the one we should address this to to ensure there is a bit more variety. She does social media and sends out the notices, so she should be aware of scheduling concerns like this.

Actually I like it.

The setup means you’re really likely to want to use Bard for the Raid Boss. So using it for the class event is also super viable. This is the first class event I’m enjoying, and the first one where, after spending my sigils, I’m considering buying a couple of shop tiers.

The class XP payoff is still small compared to just playing PvP in the same amount of time, but overall I find Wildfolk + Bard to be a fun team vs. scaling opponents so yes, please, give me more.


As long as she’s not made out to be a scapegoat.


Scapegoats were the lucky ones, they were just sent out to the desert in exile. The other goat was a blood sacrifice to YHWH. Back in the old days…

But salty isn’t a goat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re right, more often than not, she can be quite sheepish.