Fun team with bard class - please share ideas


OK so I traited up bards, mainly to run alongside scorpius.
I don’t have dawnbringer, I’m waiting for the next mythic weapon tbh.
So my initial thoughts are it has potential, but the biggest problem is a decent yellow /Brown weapon.
I have only had half an hour to mess around but so far the build below is pretty good.
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Bard hero with imperial jewel
Bear banner.

I look forward to hearing your ideas.


Artema or Famine or Mercy

order can be fiddled around, banner tbc



The Worldbreaker uses yellow too :grinning:

Bard class is really good! :D

I’ve been having fun with

Queen Grapplepot

It’s actually been working alright


No dawnbringer or grappleslag here. I have the resources to craft dawnbringer but I’m waiting to see what the next mythic weapon is like.


Another yellow aoe weapon would probably work well too. Last slot doesn’t really matter I replaced Grapplepot with Hind for the +5 glory and it’s working almost as well. The main thing that makes that team is the Gorgotha/Infernus/Dawnbringer (or possibly another yellow aoe weapon) combo. This is the fastest team I have used in a while and I’m winning almost every battle.


LMAO, I somehow missed this thread and started my own so here is a link to my Thread and my Team: ROCK BAND!


I think it’s because I put it in the console section but it doesn’t matter. We should merge all the threads into one really.