Excited For The New Event

I must say i love the Elven Bard, seriously i blew a ton of gold and glory last night trying to get a few more to ascend it to no avail… so tonight i been grinding away on pvp getting as many event key tasks done as i can and saving all my glory and gems to blow soon as reset happens in a couple hours. at the moment i have over 3k glory and 20+ gems and over 100k gold to dump. I will be posting screen shots of my drops if anyone else wants to that would be cool lol.
My Team Tonight:
Elven Bard
Bone Dragon


Im guessing Elven Bard only in gold chests v.v LOL

Elven Bard is a Rare, and Event chests only have Ultra-Rare and above in them I believe.


so then glory and gold chests only.

You don’t play with “Show Spell/Mana Details” turned on?! :astonished:

(edit: How to turn it on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6ycDNLTxrU&feature=youtu.be&t=345)

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I don’t. >.>

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i turn it on when i want to see something but aside from that no, it looks funny to me honestly xD

Ha! Fair enough :slight_smile:

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