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Bard class is really good! :D

I haven’t gotten to test it extensively as it has just released, but the Bard class weapon and traits seem really solid. It may finally make hero start to become viable again.

I also like how the Bard class is very similar to the Bard class of Puzzle Quest 1. Bard in PQ1 is a yellow focused class with secondary blue that had the ability to increase stats and apply buffs. It was my favorite class from PQ1, and I feel like it was represented really well in Gems of War.

Great work devs! :smiley:


This is exactly what Wildfolk needed. And Sun and Moon is in the shop this week for the ones who doesnt have it, which is the 2nd best yellow AoE weapon, only beaten by Dawnbringer if I am not mistaken.

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Guys, try Bard and Scorpius in the same team with some Yellow/Brown troops like Gorgotha… oh yeah :smiley:


It’s interesting that the class basically has a Mythic trait. Has this happened before? They usually seem to be equivalent/on par with Legendary traits.

Necromancer has a Mythic trait, too! :wink: joking

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I really want to try Bard + Dawnbringer + King Silenus or Bard + Infernus…

Can anyone tell me what the 3rd trait is? Its bugged on xb1 with weird text. Also what does the new class weapon do? Same text issues again.



Thanks, should have expected you’d have that info already! :smiley:

I quite like Bard class I’m very happy they changed the trait from the silencing one

If anyones doing explore to farm the battles for the weapon Bombot team doesn’t work but I have been having good luck with Elspeth/Rowanne/Aurai/Aurai so far one Rowanne cast kills everything even troops Bombot can’t one shot.

I was refusing to spend money on the game after the vip shafting but sun and moon? I’ll have to investigate.
Edit. No sun and moon on console

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