Wrong class in event?

it seems today the event started with the wrong class. there must be a corsair, not a thief. or I’m wrong?


You’re not wrong. Best I can tell, whoever set the class event saw a Goblin as the week’s event troop and their brain defaulted to Zaejin and Thief. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Quality testing as usual. :ok_hand:


Noob question - has it been categorically stated that the class events must match the weekly event kingdom?

The same way Campaign 1 may lead one to believe artifact stats always follow the weekly kingdom, but the next campaigns prove otherwise.

You may want to lower your expectations in regards to official communication. It’s been observed that the weekly class event always ties into the weekly campaign kingdom, possibly to make tasks that are generated based on the weekly campaign kingdom flow more naturally. This week has the “Win 4 battles with the {KingdomClass} class” task, resolved to Corsair, which was very likely supposed to get supported with a Corsair class event. I’m afraid the official response (if any) will be some combination of “asked the devs”, “didn’t change anything” and “works as intended”.


Unfortunately Corsairs Class Trial now has 2 now Empowered gem transformer troops and the ability to start with 50% mana so the trial is considered OP. These trials are meant to be slower than a snail in molasses.
So we got Thief Class by “mistake”.

Of course if my illuminati esque theory isn’t true. Then everyone in the office is just asleep at the wheel and their excuse will be “having 52 class trials released a year will eventually result in a mistake of some sort.” :roll_eyes:

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Any chance this will be fixed, maybe on Saturday? @Saltypatra
Pretty please😿

It has been observed that Faction Assaults follow a set rotation, but unless it has explicitly been stated and also enshrined that this cannot change (without community approval :man_shrugging:), then I might be surprised but am not going to lose sleep over it.

Campaign 1 (I could be wrong) was observed to give out artifact bonuses based on the weekly featured Kingdom’s skill bonus. This changed, I don’t have data for Campaign 2 but there were a handful of mismatches in campaign 3. Not going to lose sleep over it.

Mythics have been observed not to follow any set rotation, but if they suddenly start to follow a set pattern, I won’t be complaining.

Doomed weapons started with a brown Jewelry weapon showing up before the convertors were fully released, did someone make a configuration error then? Not sure this even matters. And for observing patterns, I might mention the Doomed weapons have always ended with green (twice) or red (twice). So it must end with green for this 5th cycle?

All I’m saying is that it’s much ado about nothing.

They might not appear with a pattern, but they do appear within a specified framework that, if broken, would be cause for concern. Because it might suggest other problems are possible, or bad changes to the game in the works. And so, despite this class trial not affecting me personally, I see it in a likewise troubling sense.

In other words: I would be worried if a mythic didn’t show up in the soulforge within a (total_mythics / 4) week period :man_shrugging:


It looks like English might be a second (or later) language for the OP. They said, “there must be a corsair, not a thief”, which in a literal sense might imply that ‘it has to be like this or else [bad]’.

Realistically, they probably meant more, “Shouldn’t this week’s Class Trial be for the Corsair class, rather than Thief? Or am I missing something?”

So we can probably all agree that it’s not really the end of the world that it’s a Thief event rather than Corsair, unless maybe you’re a newer player looking to unlock the class ahead of time or accelerate the weapon acquisition (still not the end, but potentially annoying). But the simple core of the post probably also still holds – given that the Class Trial has been matched to the week’s Kingdom in (most likely) every other single week, this is probably a mistake/oversight.

It’s not so much that it has to follow the pattern, or [bad things], I think most of the reactions are more along the lines of, “Oh hey, haha, you made an oopsie. [Silence/No response]. Didn’t you? Oh hey wait, didn’t you also make a few mistakes not so long ago? Humph, what’s going on here? Do you need a break/Do we need to talk? […] Well, err… I guess I’d better be… I’ve got that… Bye? frowns.”


And yet there are inquisitive minds who want to know. It also isn’t stated anywhere that, say, a random storm can’t rain in stone blocks. And even though most players neither noticed nor cared I’d still maintain it’s a Good Thing at least some of them questioned the status quo.

This is really a matter how well established a pattern is. A good gut indicator for that is whether you are willing to bet on it or not. Would I bet on the class event getting picked entirely at random? Hell, no. Would I bet on every sixth Doomed weapon being either green or red? Only when offered good odds, and just because I believe in statistics, not in that particular pattern. Would I bet on the class event supposed to match the weekly event kingdom? Tricky, my gut feeling says yes, there doesn’t seem to be anybody around who could resolve such a bet in a credible way though.


Probably old news to most people, but I just realised the featured troop type this week is Goblin, matching the Class Thief. So it’s not just a Thursday class event being off, but the Weekly featured troop type is also “off” if you want to call it that.

I for one love the greater flexibility and number of combinations possible from disconnecting weekly featured kingdom and featured troop type.

And Rogue. This week’s troop is Goblin and Rogue.

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I mean, I would actually agree with disconnecting the Class Trial from the weekly event, but I can’t see any kind of different schedule fitting thematically. I get a bit annoyed (/bored, uninspired) with the Class Event so often using the exact same Troops (or similar/worse, more restricted) as the week’s World Event. Ideally (imo) the whole event would be overhauled, and maybe players could pick their own Trial/challenge (poison*).

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I have been playing for along times ago almost 2 years and facing the same problem.