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Hey look! (Less than 10)

The same developer who chose the World Event Medals this Week

Also chose the Class Trial this week

giphy (28)
Despite it should have been being…

(Corsair Class Trials)

Credit to

For being the first on the forums to point it out. I just wanted to point out how the community can see the two things and can never assume either dumbassery is on purpose. Without derailing the OP on the other thread.

The consequences of continuous mistakes is you lose all sorts of credibility when you make a decision that appears to be a mistake but you say it’s 100% intended.
That’s why most people/companies try to live up to a standard of professionalism. No one ever does a bad job on purpose. (or at least most people don’t)
So if you’re truly sick of the negative feedback like this due to the negative reaction brought on by the mistakes then plead with 505 Games to allocate additional staffing to alleviate the source of these mistakes.

It’s easy to blame Covid for the drop off in quality. But (sorry console buddies) I blame the Switch, Series S|X and PS5. Infinity Plus 2 keeps expanding the game in various ways. Yet Salty isn’t making new forum member accounts for new staff? So assumptively. They haven’t hired new staff for GoW specifically since her last announcement on here. Whether that’s true or not really isn’t the issue here. Just in my humble opinion, they CLEARLY need more staff than what they have currently available. Whether that’s on the support side, QA side, or whoever is supposed to be checking shit before it’s released… Like Class Trials.