[Reported] ? Hero Class

For the record, the amount of time it took to read this report. Could’ve been invested checking the tasks prior to release to catch it. If you’re a staff member reading this then you are paid to read this report. Meanwhile I’m not paid to make the report. Yet the community cares more than you do. So maybe a solution to these issues is a cut in pay? :person_shrugging:


Yup. I rerolled the “hero” task. It should at least name the hero type. Geomancer I assumed, which isn’t available until Thursday.


I iniatially thought I can use any class. But no, so rerolled. :sweat_smile:

I think it is an automatic task, the icon shows it requires geomancer which is not released yet. Simply it is just stupid.


It could also be the extreme lack of dedication from anyone in the IP2 staff to actually check anything as an actual customer/player, even when there were previous similar issues during kingdom release, that they claim to have

Reactive, as usual in IP2…

…and then no effort to check during relevant releases/resets until it happens again.
:roll_eyes: :person_facepalming: :vulcan_salute:

(With the exception of Nimhain, who can always be seen doing a couple of floors when new Factions are released) :pray:

Hey all,

We have some global mail going out right now which will include some Gems so players can Skip the new Hero Class task.

The class will be released as a 3-day weekend event at the end of the week.