New Hero Class: Corsair

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New Hero Class: Corsair

A new Hero Class has been released, the Corsair. Complete Lil’ Johnny Bronze’s Corsair Training quest in Blackhawk to unlock this Hero Class.

Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for the Corsair.

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You’re welcome, everyone.



2 bonus mana. That’s something never seen before as trait right?
Add to that water mastery at level 70… +3 mana on blue matches!
Sounds pretty dang powerful in the right builds such as blue doom towers.

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Cunning+Wind strikes again…

Weapon looks poo :poop: skeletonkey is more useful and superior… why is this the only game where old gears is more op than new gears :mask:

Omg i can’t wait to see rope refill quicker…

I’m knot looking forward to it either.

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Indeed like it is now weapon is crap, looked great before launch on tarans world:

But all good, was gonna waste gems to get it from the shop directly if was like taran preview (am not planning to use that class anytime soon, +2 blue or not).

What’s the difference between the preview and the release?

It was 1:1 boost, not 2:1 like now


Maybe when they learn how to post images that don’t look half assed. They’ll be able to post the boost ratio as well.

But yeah in a world with Skeleton Key… that weapon seems under powered… Thanks!

True, similar damage, but random and no extra turn.
Not a bad weapon, just too overshadowed
They need to up it damage for people to think about using it

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Although boost based on your gold and enemies gold might be useful against a fully charged skeleton key team, as long as you can cast just before opponent does………

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Who still use skeleton key team as defence team?

Plenty of players. Just play PvP and watch.

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I don’t chase the LB but I do at least 200-400 battles a week and the chances of me countering a key team is same as as finding the new legendary from event keys.
It was trending couple months ago not since flame and Rope came to soulforge and flash offers.
On that note how many do encounter?
And key always get that advantage of extra turn.
All I want the devs to notice that they creating weapons that are less useful than old weapons which doesn’t make much sense

I DO appreciate that this seems to be one of the few classes where the class traits/skills coordinates well with the weapon. +2 to blue matches and the weapon is blue. That’s something at least.

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Yeah the weapon seems to be made for pvp defense to shut down all the Skeleton Key teams. A good idea in theory at least, I wonder how it will play out in execution.

Yeah, they run into a minor problem here.

2:1 and its perceived less useful than Skeleton Key

1:1 and that weapon starts doing 200-300+ damage to 2 random enemies for 14 mana and people complain about power creep (rightfully so in this case).

Best case scenario was to release it at 2:1 and be a slightly less popular Skeleton Key that is still fully functional and potent weapon. At least here, you can pretend Skeleton Key gets an Extra Turn while Plunder and Peril can do more damage


Because it’s random targets and no extra turn I think they could have at least given it more damage potential than SK. Maybe 3:2 ratio or something.