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[Not a bug] Class event/shop working as intended this week?

I apologize for not having firmer numbers/data to back this up, but for the past year or so, in the regular mid-week class trial, Tier III in the shop has gotten me within 1 sigil of completing the event about 2/3 of the time, or 1 sigil extra to complete the event 1/3 of the time. This week, I am 10 sigils short. The fact that the parity of this number is different leads me to believe that something was different about the starting sigils or the contents of the shop (maybe the weekend class trial shop was used instead of the weekday shop?)

Was this changed as part of 4.9, or a mistake, or something wrong with my game in particular?

after investigation with others on community discord, it seems like I’m the only one with this issue. I did not lose any fights, and the number of sigils it shows for my shop tiers are the same as the usual numbers for mid-week class events. I cannot explain the off-by-one’ness of this event relative to the usual, even disregarding the 9-11 sigil difference from this event to every one from the past 70 weeks or so that I’ve done.

Unfortunately I did not pay extremely close attention to my sigils from the start, to know when the disparity occurred.

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It’s most likely Valraven drops differing or maybe if you lost a battle here or there.

Unless you’re experiencing game crashes (which you’d more than likely notice), it’s probably working as intended and it’s just fallen that way for you a noticeable amount of times.