Bring some randomness to class events

Every single week the same thing happens

Buy tier 3

Finish class event 1 sigil short

Spend 250 gems for a single sigil and get Valraven in that battle

If I have to spend 250 gems to get a single sigil to finish the event because of bad luck then whatever but this happens every week and it is really annoying me that it is programed to make me spend an additional 250 gems for a single sigil for an orb of chaos that has a 90% of being 100% useless to me.

I spent the 250 gems again because I’m so close to Zuul’Goth and I don’t care about my gem stash anymore as this crap is really pushing me to quit the game.

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It’s just RNG, last week I completed Hierophant from just tier 3. (And the past 2 new classes as well if that matters.) I haven’t done today’s though yet so we’ll see if I jynxed myself.

New classes I finish with 2 or 3 tiers but the 24 hour one always leaves me one sigil short

Happened in Febuary

After that I stopped spending the gems for the orb and stopped complaining about it but then last week I started finishing all events that award orbs and it happened again

Same thing happened to my guildmates that commented on that channel.

Hmmm I think Tier 4 may be normal for one day Class Trials. And I’m just remembering wrong. I know last week I finished with extra sigils. This week I came up super short off of Tier 3.

(Zero Valravens lost)

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You know I think it’d also be nice to not have to play the same 5 battles over and over and over and over and over again.

If I wanted that I’d replay chall-- oh. PvP then.


While we’re on the subject, it would be really nice if there was any incentive to actually USE the class that the event features to complete the event. Like even 1 or 2 extra class xp per battle if using the event class.


For the 1 day class event, if you buy tier 3 and have no battle/raven losses, you end up having either 1 extra sigil or 1 short from all rewards, depending on you luck. And if you decide to buy another tier, the raven will 99% appear in the very next battle and laugh at you.
It is by design. After 2 consecutive events being on the bad luck side, i stopped spending gems on class event to save me from the frustration.

Except today I was 3 sigils short. :man_shrugging:

Very bad luck then

Seriously, why do you guys spend any gems at all on the 1 day class events? You know they are bad value, in fact the worst value of any events but you continue to invest in them.


I did it because the cool kids were. I have regrets.

I think this is a missed opportunity to charge $4.99 to reroll the opponents.

Even if you get “lucky” and finish the event with Tier 3 it’s still not worth it. 250 gems for a minor orb? Let alone 500 gems if you have to get Tier 4.

Compare that to the delve event. You can get TWO minor orbs for only 90? gems.


I don’t find any benefit to buying any of the tiers. Use my free sigils, collect 25 free gems. Move on.

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Efficiency vs. speed. OP already gave a reason why someone might choose speed and “waste” the extra gems.

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If they had minor chaos orbs in the shop for 500 gems would you buy them? If you would then you’re crazy and there’s nothing more I can say. :man_shrugging:

Yeah I would spend 500 gems on an orb. Events and keys are the only things really to spend gems on. I have plenty of keys and I get enough gems from guild tasks to buy troops and weapons from events. When I get Zuul’Goth I won’t even be doing any events anyway.

In my case, class events are the only thing that I can, want and am spending gems on, aside from the weekly new contents obviously.

I have only a few classes left to max out and any gems spent on glass events translates into time saved so I find good value in doing so.

So I pay whatever amount of tiers it takes me to get that minor Orb at the end of the rewards and that’s it (in a way to further justify the spending on gems with and Orb and not only the very precious XP)

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