New Hero Class: Thief


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New Hero Class: Thief

A new Hero Class has been released, the Thief. Complete Brian the Lucky’s Thief Training quest in Zaejin to unlock this Hero Class.

Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for the Thief.


Guess what?

Weapon isnt in the unowned weapon’s list…


Bought weapon with gems, no weapon given.

RIP trying to record that tonight. XD


IKR, the best weapon and it isnt added… yet.

That’s 3 times in a row now? First sunspear’s weapon, then frosty’s, now Fiefs…


At this point im inclined to believe the devs intentionally do this to troll us


Ugh. So frustrating.


Maybe the thief stole the weapon?


Hmmm, why is this event not like the weekend-upgraded-new-underworld-event with more & better rewards - its still just the Thursday-Class-version for three days?


By the way, @Sirrian, please pass on kudos to whoever wrote the script for this quest line. I appreciate the self-awareness shown by the hero. :slight_smile:


Indeed. The punchline read my mind.

As a side note, how cool would it be if you had to complete specific tasks to unlock classes, like win by not casting a spell for warlord, or assinate only one enemy for assassin, or only use spells for sorcerer?


Use only spells would be unfair. Skull skydrops could happen and keep you from winning.


BOOOOOO! :smiley:


Bought the weapon and it’s not showing for me either :roll_eyes:


3 times. New weapons can not be found when new jobs appear.
This has happened 3 times.


Just finished the 250 Games…

I was so happy… But then I realized, that the Devs still haven’t fixed the Issue for the third time in a row.
I’m done for today. (Edited for content — Lyya)
I’m gonna go play something else for today.
Sorry for me raging, but i was grinding for like 5 hours in a row… just to not get that weapon.


I think he writes them himself! :slightly_smiling_face: That was the answer I got in the Halloween stream.

Very cool.


It is frustrating, and I completely understand your position. Next time check the forums or global, people were talking about it both in game and here really early. That’s no excuse, it’s just a way to prevent you from getting burned a second time.

At least you have a good head start on hero levels, and once the bug is fixed you’ll have the weapon without doing anything.



Do you think that’s missing an extra s?


Underwhelming class again. Very little reason to ever switch from Titan.