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New Hero Class: Monk

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-hero-class-monk/

New Hero Class: Monk A new Hero Class has been released, the Monk. Complete Penglong’s Monk Training quest in Shentang to unlock this Hero Class. Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for…


Just a perfect class which will be of much use, like Titan or Sentinel.

thank you. such an awesome class. cant wait to complain when i’m having hard time beating monk setup with sky ancestry, fortitude, purification, impact, and rock solid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Updated my spreadsheet for Monk (and Barbarian).


the only thing that can counter this guy is Zuul! Hope you have him! :stuck_out_tongue: Or curse i suppose but still with so much cleanse/ blessing it won’t be consinsent!

Monk is suspectible to entangle, web, burn, bleed, hunter’s mark, frozen (if you take the cleanse) and curse, but can cleanse those on 4+ matches. If you don’t take the cleanse, you’ll probably take the immunity to frozen.

VERY powerful – borderline Impervious, WITH immunity to mana drain and 20% dodge.

Yeah my cheeky comment was more to showcase how powerful he is rather than saying he has no (slight) weakness…

Anyone seeing a pattern here? Everytime they give Orcs something, it’s garbage and they “nerf” the good thing going for it. But, hey, everyone else gets something that’s some semblance of good!

cough Barbarian cough

Monk will be a nice class, though.

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The “problem” with Monk is that other than being remarkably durable it doesn’t actually do much other than generate mana. … though its a ton of mana …

Which is okay if you drop an expensive or otherwise stupid weapon on it, like Essence of Evil or a Doomskull weapon…


I know I can test this in 5 minutes, but I wish to point out the ambiguity:
Does the 3rd trait mean the first troop gets 3 mana on 4+matches, or the hero?
Is it of the same color as the match or just straight up added?

When you make a match of 4+, regardless of the position of your hero, your hero gains 3 extra “colorless” mana. You could match 4 skulls and get 3 mana.


Monk will definitely be used in 4th slot. At least now, the hero can be fully mana blocked without much worry

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The ability to never ever be mana blocked does offer some really cool possibilities. Seems a waste of the Impact talent, though.

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Why the impact talent? I mean it’s a great talent, but what does that have to do with mana block? Edit: Never mind, I understand what you meant. If you keep him in the back, you can’t use Impact talent. BUT, you could just switch to the Freeze…

My favorite part of Monk is that I can match ANY 4+ and fuel my Hero. It’s crazy.

After matching purple and yellow…

I then matched the skulls, which triggered a green match, and I was full. I went from 3 mana to full and able to cast performing 3 4+ matches of a completely different color.

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Monk is the best kind of class: versatile. We can run it in front as a standard tank, pick up Impact and Rock Solid and weather whatever comes… Or ignore that capacity and trade it in for Snap Freeze and Deluge, which are also pretty strong, and stick the hero wherever we want.


All in all; it’s all coming up Millhouse this week in GoW. Lots of new events to look forward to, a good class, SunSpear fixed, and no real bad updates. Unless you haven’t finished Crypt Keepers (or it Silver Necropolis? I forget) delve - then I’m sorry :slight_smile: 12 to 10 mana on the damage troop is pretty steep buff.

I’m sorry but anyone who take freeze immunity instead of cleanse would need to think again, seriously, think harder… Try figure out what freeze does and what trigger the cleanse…


Yeah… you know… it’s been one of those days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Titan is still better for fast-tanking with the 50% start. Monk is better for defensive tanking (ie GW defenses).

Monk is fast-capable via Avelorn’s trait. That being said, getting 3 mana per 4-5-match makes up for not being fast … pretty well.

I would also really really want to have TPK on any Monk team I fielded.

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