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New Hero Class: Runepriest

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-hero-class-runepriest/

New Hero Class: Runepriest

A new Hero Class has been released, the Runepriest. Complete Emperina’s Runepriest Training quest in Khaziel to unlock this Hero Class.

Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for the Runepriest.

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I was excited for this…


A bit disappointed to find that the 5 enemy team line-ups are the same as the previous Class event… I assume that means every class event has the same 5 enemy sets… shame…


A very familiar opponent team for sure, but not all the same. For example, Queen mab is new, while Hyndla Frostcrown from last class event is gone.

Also, I’m a bit disappointed that it’s exactly the same as the 24-hour one, except 3x longer and 4 more free sigils. On the bright side, it should be easier to finish the whole event for minor chaos orb with less gem spent. (Or more free gems income if you have decided to not spend any gems)

I promise myself to not spending any gems on this mode, as it’s not very rewarding. I ended up doing it anyway, because I want that very small chance at Stonehammer.

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Ah, okay. So four identical line-ups and one new one. Hmm, almost as bad.

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Dwarf class is cool.

Couple of missed opportunities though I think.

  • Weapon should be brown/purple
  • Not sure knowledge talent tree fits, one like chaos or death I would have preferred.
  • Re-work to Stonehammer.

Edit: Might be seeing things, but it appears that the Hero doesn’t trigger sometimes when it should.

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The event is not interesting and the team limitation is not welcomed: why limiting the troops that we can use and not the class? Any troops + 1 mandatory Runepriest will let the players to discover the class…
And why not giving the weapon and borrowing a level 100 Runepriest so we can really play with it during the Event…

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What I really don’t get is why they have to limit it by kingdom AND race instead of kingdom OR race. I can already see how popular Orbweaver is going to be, pick three troops that are either Dokkalfar or Tal’Rae.


is the weapon worth going for? it costs 850 gems and currently it’s not available to craft.
will it be soon and for how much?

You can get the weapon for free if you win 250 battles with Runepriest class.



of course!! i forgot about that with all the new events and shops!! :slight_smile: Thank you @turintuor

Every class weapon is free. It “costs” 250 wins with the class.

The weapon tier in this shop is one of the biggest cheats against players in the game.

I wish we could use Orbs of Growth to increase our Champion Levels. I’m just finishing my last Champion level on my Archer Class before going for Runepriest and man from level 70 to 100 it takes a lot of time…


But then orbs of growth would have a use :thinking:


Is it just me or did they greatly reduce the number of sigils for this class event? Last one, I went 20 battles. This one, I went 12.

You get 8 sigils for a one day class event. You get 4 sigils per day over three days for the weekend event, so you should get further this time by Sunday.


Yay my favorite class officially. I love that you guys are showing the dwarves some love. #DwarfLove

It appears we have another display bug over the length of an event. Two different screens give 2 different answers.




I’ll save my criticism of the obvious shortcoming in the design of RunePriet Talent Trees for later. However, The Traits are well thought out and offer actual some synergy! Great job there.

Who is in charge of the both the Reward table and the Payout for each tier of the Gem sink? An accountant at 505 that has never played the game? Seriously, if you put a carrot on the end of the stick it works better, same principal with using bait and fishing :grin:.

Guaranteed minor Ascension orb for Round 8 (the last Tier) or…
Major Orb of Chaos for Round 8

Tier III should have the weapon unlock (like most events), PLUS 1 Mythic Ingot to match the new weapons rarity. Tier 4-6 should also include a Mythic Ingot when spending Gems.


Nim compared hero runepriest weapon with infernus?

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