Runepriest hero class?

Just realized there’s a new quest available in Khaziel to unlock the Runepriest hero class, was this intended? The quests play normally, but once you unlock it then it doesn’t show up in the hero class selection menu, weird…


I think that was released early

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^ That’s correct

The quest has somehow ended up displaying early before the class actually releases. (Personally I blame the gnomes…)

We’re going to put out a fix so it no longer appears, but if you have completed the quest, then the class should be unlocked when it offically releases.


Is it gonna be in 3.5?

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I dont know why i cant stop laughing!!


Maybe :wink:

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Come on it’s in a few hrs I’ll know anyway lol

It won’t be released with the update.

darn it I was hoping It would be