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New guild! Looking for amazing players to join us! (Adults/Steam&Mobile)

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to find out about the Guild I belong to!

The guild name is really stupid, however our members are beyond active and are not stingy with their gold! We like to donate and help each other grow in Gems.

We are looking for members who max their seals and 50k in gold donations (weekly). If this is something you think you are up for please let me know! I will gladly send you an invite!

We are on Steam! So if you are a mobile player you need to link a steam account in order to join.

hello pebbster

I am in need of a new guild but I was wondering how many ppl are active in your guild atm

We are new, have been around for a little over a week.

The guild is Level 12, we have 5 members, the highest amount of seals is a max already and the lowest is 494. Highest donation for the week is 200,442 lowest is 50,490.

So we are really active, so far it is just a group of friends who play together. We are all xbox players but hate the xbox version and play on steam/mobile instead.

Sorry for the late response. Hope you have a great day.

not a prob for late response.
I also use to play xbox a few years ago but went to steam.
I did play this game a while back but have started playing again since they updated and I would like to join you guys I’m very active too invite code : DARKNIGHTANIMA

Hmm… it gives me an error. Let me message the guild leader and see if he can get you in or if he gets the same error.

So sorry.

Does not exist.

Are you sending the invite code that you find under the settings option?

that’s ok 20180301133657_1

I grabbed the clan leader. We are both trying to get ya in. I’m sorry this is kinda a headache! Thank you for being patient.

that’s ok thank you for trying this hard

Seems like we were both able to invite ya, so sorry for the double. The guild name is really dumb, I know. Just gotta look past it! Looking forward to gemming it up with ya.

that’s ok and I’m in thank you both I look forward to the fun times :slight_smile:

Awesome! So happy you joined, just shout if you need anything. I’ll be back on gems around 2:15pm est. Gotta go do the stream thing. Have a great day. Thanks for joining.

you have a awesome day too

how many are you in your guild?


There are 6 of us, the guild is 12 days old, we are very active for the amount of members we have. 4 members have max seals, highest amount donated is a little over 500k, everyone else has donated around 125k or higher.

We require 50k donated each week and the seals to be completed. However, we understand that if you join mid week you probably wont have the seals to donate. We are super laid back, just here to have fun and help each other out.

our guild looking for some active player
Come to see my post

If you would like to recruit for your guild, please feel free to make your own Topic and not use mine. Thank you. :smiley:

i just ask you if you want to join us?

Clearly I am recruiting for my OWN guild. You asked how many people belonged to it, then you promoted yours. I am pretty sure that is against the rules. Have a lovely day.

that was to help you don’t be so rude