Game Fatigue - Retirement Guild!


Been playing the game for a couples of years, I still love the game but the grinding for 500K+ Gold, 1500 Seal,… is getting to me. I want to play at my rate, have time to finish my underworld, do some explore. With my kingdom level, I can easily give 100K a week without playing. All I am looking is a guild that cares about finish the blue gem, so that I can buy that weeks new weapon.

Do you know of such a guild orI am even ready to start a guild with other player like who would join me (already have someone else)?

I joined “Order of da Left Paw” for same reason. There are other folks similar already there. Super casual, no pressure, no reqs.

Is there any opening right now?

Same question from me. I searched for the guild but it didn’t come up.

Hey Baldred, worse case, I’ll build one if your interested to join. We’ll be three to start and go from there.

Sure, that sounds good. Send me an invite, I’m currently guildless because I’m playing a low level alternate but that could tempt me back into my lvl 1190 main account.

Baldred and other,

You can join me on discord
or send me your invite code here as a dm.

10 openings

What’s your invite code. I’ll send you invite. Baldred, sent you invite.