Power Gems - Rank 85 Guild (40k seals/Legendary) -SPOT FILLED!

Hi I am Mordaloch, guildmaster of Power Gems guild (PC/Mobile)

I need a few good active players who can hit at least 500k gold and 1500 seals each week.

We have a lot of members already doing 700k+ gold some are donating over 1 million we just need 30 players doing this. Can you help us?

We finish all tasks and some legendary tasks (we want to do more of these legendary tasks in a week)

If you are interested post here or PM me, you can also send me a steam invite (same username Mordaloch) with a PM and we can talk more about getting you in the guild. I am looking for players probably level 250+ at least who have completed kingdoms to level 10 and are working to at least 5 star all their kingdoms.

If you play daily that would be good as guild wars will require some daily participation.

Come play and benefit from like minded players!



P.S. - CURRENTLY 1 SPOT Potentially on Sunday

Don is going to tell you off again :joy:

Tell Don he’s not the boss around here. Also, i tried to find my most recent post in order to edit it but i couldn’t so I made a new one get over it :slight_smile:

Not judging.

Though maybe some helpful advice. If you click on yourself and go to your profile. On the left you’ll see topics. Click on that and it will show you all the threads you’ve made.

Hopefully that helps in the future.

Good luck with the recruiting.

Ok thanks will check that next time.

Ok thanks will check that next time.

Updated 2 spots available at this time. Also does anyone know a way to delete old posts?

One spot left

Can I join the guild? Thanks

Maybe, I need to know more about your account. What level are you, how often you play? Are all your kingdoms level 10? can you meet our requirements of 1500 seals and 500k+ gold weekly etc… you can add me on Steam name is Mordaloch. You can reply here. Or if you see me in game you can try to get my attention.


Bump for new week still have room for 1 member

Bump we were full but need 1 more again if anyone is looking let me know.

I’d be interested in joining. I’ve been carrying my guild for a few weeks now. I’ve attached a screen shot. I’ve been playing for about 2 months and have already gotten really far.

ok i can get you in now can you get online?

meet me in chat channel 005

k i can see you are not around, if you leave your guild then it will allow me to send you an invite so when you do log on you can accept it. Thanks i will send you one tomorrow.

You should higher quota to me meet. I play on the xboxone version and im in rank 14 and the only way we do that is by having players donate a minimum of 500 thou maxed all seals 200 trophie minimum and to finish all 72 guild tasks this means you want players who have already maxed thier kingdoms

Sorry about that! I thought this thing my was
Going to tell
Me when I got messages. I will leave my current guild. Send me an invite. My code is ninertwo

Got you in.

Ok so I may be making room at the end of the Week (Sunday) as a member just told me they probably can’t hit requirements anymore. If anyone else is interested please put your name down here so i can consider you on Sunday.


Ok 1 spot is open for any new candidates please let me know. :slight_smile:

still 1 spot for interested persons