Power Gems is recruiting! (Ranked 76) (29/30)

Power Gems Guild is recruiting!
(currently Ranked: 79th) (40k seals/legendary tasks done each week)
Looking for very active players that want to excel among the top competition in the game.
Our requirements are:

  1. Minimum 400k gold donated each and every week. We expect all players to make this their first priority.
  2. Expected in game level 250+ (this is a soft requirement but I doubt anyone lower level could meet the other requirements anyways)
    3 VIP level 5 or higher is a major plus making you a top candidate; or proof of dedicated daily play if you are a play for free player (ie. screenshots from your previous guild efforts)
    4 you are expected to have all kingdoms at level 10 already and most kingdoms at least 5 STARS or more or very close.
    5 1500 seals claimed each week.
    6 Obtain around 200 trophies or more each week (this should be easy considering the previous requirements)
    7 You must be familiar with how guild-wars works and be active in perusing productive teams that win often in the guild wars competition. (we want players that educate themselves by reading Gems of War Forums and watch Streams by knowledgeable players so you can be a better player yourself.) We expect each member to level up the guild guardians to level 3.

8 Be familiar with Discord server communications tool, we are a close group that communicates and shares ideas to help us all improve, therefore a candidate wishing to join should be willing to communicate with others on a regular basis to further our success and build team cohesion.
Please message me, and I will give you our Discord channel info. Please be prepared to send
#1. A screenshot of your main screen (so we can see approximately your kingdom progress)
#2. A screenshot of “The Legend of (your name). That shows us your progress so far and how long you have been in your previous guild. We do not want people who jump from guild to guild we are looking for long-term dedicated members
#3. A screenshot of your guild roster showing your gold contributions, seals, and trophies. #4 any other supporting documents that can help you stand out among other candidates.

We are willing to bend some requirements on a case by case basis. If you are interested please contact us! Welcome to the guild!