Power Gems Rank 117* guild recruiting a few good members

Hi I am Mordaloch guildmaster of Power Gems guild (PC/Mobile)

We have hit a wall and need a few good peeps to push us over the top.

We can accomplish 40k seals weekly but we are struggling to finish the 6th Task each week so that we can start doing legendary tasks.

I need about 1 to 6 dedicated members that can contribute at least 500k gold weekly and do their part to help reach 40k seals. Right now i have a few lower level peeps who are still working on kingdoms and they can’t quite donate the gold we need. I am looking for players who have all kingdoms at level 10 and are working on at least 5* on their kingdoms who make good cash and can help us in that department.

If you are interested post here or PM me, you can also send me a steam invite (same username Mordaloch) with a PM and we can talk more about getting you in the guild. I am looking for players probably level 250+ at least.



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We completed all basic tasks and 1 legendary task last week.

Looking for 2 more active players to join us.

What Darsh failed to mention also was we completed 1 legendary task with a transition of 3 new members mid-week. We expect to do even better this week and could potentially upgrade with the right prospects we have 4 roster spots currently in question. I hate to boot people but some are not quite reaching our requirements. I expect people to be able to hit 500k gold and 1500 seals in a top 100 guild and we are well on our way to reaching the top 100 as we jumped 6 rank points to rank 127 in one week.

Let us know if you’re willing to commit and we will see if we can make room for you on a first come first serve basis.

Thanks again!

Guildmaster of Power Gems

Just cleared the guild rooster. Looking for 2 more active players.

We are back up to 30 members, guild rank has also been updated in the original post. Anyone interested feel free to let me know depending on how our current members are contributing there may always be a spot for you :slight_smile: as in i can make one if needed for the right person.