Rank 110 guild needs a few more (400k gold/ 1500 seals minimums)

Hi I am Mordaloch guildmaster of Power Gems guild (PC/Mobile)

I need a few good active players who can hit at least 400k gold and 1500 seals each week.

We have a lot of members already doing 600k+ gold some are donating over 1 million we just need 30 players doing this. Can you help us?

We finish all tasks and some legendary tasks (we want to do more of these legendary tasks in a week)

If you are interested post here or PM me, you can also send me a steam invite (same username Mordaloch) with a PM and we can talk more about getting you in the guild. I am looking for players probably level 250+ at least who have completed kingdoms to level 10 and are working to at least 5 star all their kingdoms.

Come play and benefit from like minded players!



P.S. Oh we also want to be contenders in the upcoming guild wars challenges.

I want to join your guild.

Ok Gambit tell me about yourself. Level? Playtimes? Do you have kingdoms at level 10 can you meet our requirements of at least 400k gold and 1500 seals every week or can you even do better? Let me know thanks!

Hi all, still looking for a member or two.