Rank 109 guild recruiting, complete Legendary tasks, 40k seals. 3 spots available

If your guild is not getting anywhere… and you and a few others are the only people contributing trying to keep it going… well then we want you and your best to come join us.

We are rank 109 currently and complete 40k seals and do legendary tasks weekly. (we currently have 3 spots available on our roster).

We are looking for team players who can contribute at least 400k gold and 1500 seals a week. There is no trophy requirement it’s assumed you will earn trophies. We like people who use guild chat to communicate new strategies and share their ideas. We work together collectively towards 40k seals and finishing all tasks to reach Legendary Tasks each week. We plan to be organized for upcoming Guild Wars so we are looking for people who plan to be organized as well.

If you are somewhere between a casual and a hardcore player and you have finished your kingdoms to level 10 and are working on ranking up your kingdoms to at least 5 stars and are level 250+ then you are probably a good fit for us.

Please let me know if you have interest in coming to our guild.