Player lvl 116 looking for a good guild with 40k seals every week


I’m looking for a new guild.

The only requirement is that you reach 40k in seals every week.

I can commit to 150k/1500 seals/100 trophies minimum.


Unlock your kingdoms before you set requirements.

Mind your own business before commenting other posts.

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@enremission chill brudda no need to be hostile @tini was just trying to help i think with a suggestion i happen to agree with.

Maybe instead of insisting on 40k seals try asking for active guild and work your way up☺

At level 116 making requirements of potential guilds may cause good guilds to pass on you.

Good luck🍀


A guild that makes 40k seals is going to want 200 to 300 trophies and at least 300k gold