Searching for active guild

I’m a LVL 82 player and I’m good for 1,500 seals and 200 trophies each week. I do not donate a ton of gold as I only have 6/28 kingdoms maxes out.
But once I finish that It will be donating well over 100K a week. Looking for a guild that does 40,000 seals and completes some of the statues for bonus.

Typically the 40k seal guilds are in the hardcore range, and will require much higher trophy and gold donation count. You have a much better shot aiming for the 30k seal guilds.

Good luck in your guild search tho :wink:

Maybe @collectorofgems’s guild would be an ideal fit for you. Not sure if they have a spot open tho.

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Or 20k seals, since that reaches the same guild chest level.

We have a free spot now (2 actually), if you’re interested. I’ll update our recruitment thread soon, but here it is:

EDIT: Done, updated our thread.

I’m in a top 100 team that will have a spot open soon. Min reqs are currently 100K gold, 100 trophies/week, 3+ days inactivity with no word = booted. Most members do well over that, we have good retention and most have finished their kingdoms. Looking for active players who want a fun/friendly guild.

We found a way to scratch the 40K Seal itch without making a crazy weekly requirement by doing occasional 40K week push events, so we just save our Seals and burn them when we hit our 40K week.

We complete 3-4 tasks/week right now, occasionally hit 5-6 + Legendaries. Until we hit 6+ on a regular basis, we’re looking for members who will follow task order posted in guild chat banner and on Discord, we balance the boosts to keep as many timers active as possible.

PM me if interested, we can see if it would be a good fit!

Ya that sounds like a good fit. Gold will be a challenge as I have all kingdoms to level 5 but only around 7 maxed right now, but I’m sure I can swing it. Just let me know when ya have an opening