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Marshal is recruiting 40k seals and legendary tasks rank 12(1 spot)

26.12.16 created our guild.Climing very fast.
Welcome active player,daily player join us.
guild minimum reps:

trophy = 500
seal = 1500
gold = 500k


gold = 800k
trophy = 300
seal = 1500

This reqs just minimum,we will pull you in first if you can do better than reqs.
Donated 1 million gold per week about 20 members in our guild.
We average 25 Legendary tasks a week.
We gain above 25k trophies per week.
And we have Line group to communicate.

Marshal II is our second guild,completed all tasks,and hit 40k seals.Reqs:300K/200T/1500S

About guild war:GW is fun,it is always good to participate,scores is not important.

Please pm me your level and invite code. We hope you can join us!

that’s ten days ago.now,our guild has 18 menbers,almost daily player,rank1977,level 30,at least 1000 trophy per day(just 18 menbers).so we climing very fast.our guild can finish one task,others at least 7/12 task.
if you are daily player,and love this game so much,welcome to our guild.
please pm me your invite code,thanks a lot

100k gold with 300 trophies? That doesn’t correlate.

yeah,because almost menbers are new,so they contribute not much gold,I thought maybe they will contribute more gold one or two week late.

1500 seals and 300 trophies/week and only 100k gold? I do not understand…

If a person is making 1500 seals and 300 trophies a week

They should at LEAST be able to contribute 250k, hell my guild has those requirements and requires 600k minimum a week.

I STRONGLY recommend you up your minimum gold to at least 250k/week if you have those seal/trophy requirements.

That said all up to you, I just believe your guild could flourish a bit better with high minimum for gold.

I invite you,but you already in another guild.please leave guild then I just can invite you again.

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thanks my friend.
because they need gold update city right now.

after 14 days,2 spots open,welcome daily player,active player

pm your level and invite code,hope you can join us!

climing fast,now rank#903,can finish 3task

Please pm me your level and invite code. We hope you can join us!

now,rank #706.
completed 3 task,37k seal last week.
Join marshal:need daily active

please pm me your invite code and lvl.

now rank#640,need daily active

please pm me your invite code and lvl.

now rank 560.and hit 40k seal this week.
we will welcome you join us if you can done reps.
please pm me your invite code and lvl.

Now rank 456.
We completed all task,hit 40k seal.
Need daily active player.
Join marshal,let us do more legendary task!

im lvl 729 so far and i keep lvling^^
500k gold per week is no problem and always get max seals.
im every day actice :slight_smile:

Invitecode: ANDER_1

Hi,sent you.Join marshal,let us do better!

Now rank 391.one spot open.
Need daily active player.

I got 1700 trophies this week, and the average in my guild is about 150. My gold donation is twice the next highest persons at 400k. Also I’m im the top 100 pvp atm.

I feel like im ready for a top guild. Got a spot?

Hi,sounds very good!
I will pull you in first if you realy like you said.
800k gold,1000+trophy every week?
You can pm me about your lvl,and invite code.

800? I guess so, I appreciate that you are pushing your guild hard, I’m tired of lazy guilds.


My english is not good .
donate 1mill gold about 10 members in our guild.
your lvl is 150?how about your kingdom?