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Marshal is recruiting 40k seals and legendary tasks rank 12(1 spot)

Sorry, I just accepted an invite to mean machine, they kicked someone for me apparently. But thank you for your consideration.

hits 40k seal,legendary tasks.

now rank 336.

please pm your invite code and lvl to me.hope you can join us!

Now,one spot open.hope you can join us!

Now Rank 309,created guild 39 days ago.

Welcome daily very active player to join us.

Still need one more!Join us do more legendary tasks!

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Welcome daily active player join us.one spot

Iā€™m lvl 91, i made +500 trophies this week, 1.5k seals and Iā€™m interested in joining your quest, seems a very active one,

Thank you!maybe 500k gold is tough for you.

1 spot open again.got 20k trophy our guild last week.

please pm me if you can completed reps before Sat.

Now spot open.We already completed 10 LTs and 40k seal this week.pm me if yu can done reqs easy.

Now rank 206,completed 11 legendary tasks.left one spot.

need one more active player!

Now rank 135,looking for very active player.1 spot open.

Already completed 15 legendary tasks this week.Join us,help us go in top.

We completed 22 legendary tasks last week.
We need a very active player join us,trophy 800+
per week is better.please pm me.

We already gain 22k trophies this week.

What level are your statues?

52 and more,created guild 81 days ago.

Marshal is recruiting,one spot open.
Please pm me your detail,thanks!