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Marshal is recruiting 40k seals and legendary tasks rank 12(1 spot)

Now rank 71.

Rank 69.
Wish we can go in top 50 next week.

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It is a very active guild. Everyone want to join us can contact rmbman.:innocent:

Now rank 60.top 50 very soon.
Join us,let us fly.

Rank 57.Need one more active player.

One spot open again.

We on top 50 take about 15 weeks.
Welcome join us if you like GOW very much.

ASUS_6 LvL 258.

Can you pm me your lvl and how much you donate per week,ok?

Hi,You here?

Invite code is DARKSOTER

LVL 1030
600,000 plus
1500 seals
400 plus trophies

trophy need 500+,is tough?

LvL 242 I can meet the requirements, guild Iā€™m apart of now is holding me back

Sorry meant 500 plus.
Let dart have it I screwed up and even edited it. Lol

Can you gain 500+ trophy per week?

darksoter,sent you.dart still in another guild.

You still in another guild.

Yes, but ready to leave

Leave your guild,then I can sent you invite

Just left it