Rank 104 - Power Gems has 1 spot (40k seals/Legendary)

Hi I am Mordaloch guildmaster of Power Gems guild (PC/Mobile)

I need a few good active players who can hit at least 500k gold and 1500 seals each week.

We have a lot of members already doing 700k+ gold some are donating over 1 million we just need 30 players doing this. Can you help us?

We finish all tasks and some legendary tasks (we want to do more of these legendary tasks in a week)

If you are interested post here or PM me, you can also send me a steam invite (same username Mordaloch) with a PM and we can talk more about getting you in the guild. I am looking for players probably level 250+ at least who have completed kingdoms to level 10 and are working to at least 5 star all their kingdoms.

If you play daily that would be good as guild wars will require some daily participation.

Come play and benefit from like minded players!




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Since you keep opening this posts ill start reporting you now.

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What are you talking about?

You are opening another recruitment topic every day. Thats called spam.

No I took a forum moderator’s advice and changed my recruitment thread. And you think it’s spam cause you are on here all day and see it too often so you think I am spamming. I am just trying to recruit bro you know prepare for guild wars and such. The fact you got too much time to complain about me recruiting proves you are on here way too much. Maybe go outside get some fresh air or go meet a girl or something unless you’re not into those then whatever meet someone in IRL. ok great thanks for your support in bumping my thread needlessly but I guess i won’t need to repost now since it’s getting maximum exposure thanks to your support. Feel free to reply it will help to bump my thread again.

Ok bro have a good one go MEAN MACHINE! :slight_smile:

I have no problem with you recuruting, i am explaining you not to open 5 different recruitment topics in a week time. Open one and bump it, but multiple of the same topic are considered spam.

As for meeting people, thats really stupid thing to say so i wont even argue about.

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Ok DonBoba,

Thanks for your concern, I will not repost 5 threads (i don’t think i even posted that many total on here) but yea i will stop spamming you. Have a nice day.

UPDATING MY POST - As of now we need 1 more dedicated member. Please let me know if you are interested.


Updated 1 spot again available, had to boot an MIA member. Please let me know if interested. Thanks!