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Power gems recruiting (21/30) casual players who likes gw are welcome

Hi, I’m Kouga, new GM for Power Gems. We recently underwent some changes in guild administration and now we’re in need of more members.

At the moment, we are ranked 47 in leaderboard and bracket 1 in GW. Due to members shortage, we might get demoted to bracket 2, but we are optimistic that we can climb back to bracket 1 if we can fill up those empty spots.

We welcome players from all levels. If you’re a veteran player looking for a relaxed guild, or a new player looking for a fun guild, then we are the place to go! Our members are always around and ready to help.

We are a GW oriented guild, but with more flexibility. Members are encouraged to do daily GW, but we understand that real life happens, so if you couldn’t do it daily, you can do it whenever you can. We always finish basic tasks and several Legendary Tasks. We also always reach 40k seals with full members, but it doesn’t seem possible with only 21 members.

Our weekly requirements are minimum of 500k gold and 1500 seals.There is no trophy requirement, but you are encouraged to play PVP as much as you can.

We also use discord for easier communication between members, but if you don’t have one, that’s okay too.

If you have questions or are interested in joining us, you can reply here, or PM me, or get in touch in discord. My discord handle is cc.kouga #5121.

We are looking forward to you joining us!

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i want to join can do requirement
invite code: GODLEO_BKUR
lv 7xx

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My name is Syngo2 with the Power Gems guild. We are still recruiting active players for our guild. Minimum seals 1000, guild wars are required but casual. Players leveling kingdom’s are welcome as long as you are active. Discord is required since it is our main way of cdommunication. Please send me your invite code. My discord handle is Syngo2#4855 or you can contact my guild mate at Morgana#8234.
Looking forward to having you join us.

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Good luck guys. I’m glad I’ve gotten to know some of you.

Power Gems still recruiting active players to rebuild guild. Currently level 51. Reqs are 300k, 1000 seals and guild wars (casual). Please contact me on discord Syngo2#4855 on discord.

Guys and gals,
Who wants to part of rebuilding a great guild.
We need active players to rebuild the Power Gems back to a B1 team.
Reqs, 300K, 1000 S, and Wars required (casual).
We will get there so come join us on our quest.
Please contact me on discord Syngo2#4855 if you want to join our quest.