Power Gems is recruiting! (Ranked 76)

NWith guild wars starting, we had a few members leave who didn’t like the new dynamics of the game, so we have openings for new members! The only set requirements we have are 400k gold, 1500 seals and guardian statues at 3/3/3/3 for everyone (statues need to be at level by Tuesday when guild wars start). Also, participation in guild wars is mandatory. We understand everyone can’t make a perfect mana color team as well, so use your best pvp team until you can!

We always complete the guild tasks, complete legendary tasks, and we get the 40k seal chest limit weekly too!

If you are interested, join our discord channel or message us here!

We will be happy to chat with ya and go over any questions you have!

Guys still 1 spot available in our guild at this time.

Also, ninertwo keep it to one recruitment post and reedit the same post otherwise people like Don Boba or is it Baba might get upset at you spamming. we don’t want to go through that ordeal again :slight_smile:

1 Spot guys we are Ranked 38 in guildwars looking for 1 more guildwars minded player!