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Recruiting for our guild

we are looking for people to join our guild we are faily need on steam and just need more people in our guild (we are all very active and get all our weekly seals done and 50k gold too .so if you think you can keep up with the requirements please let me know … thank you

hey there, i have recently picked this game up I’m at level 75. I’m not afraid to spend money on the game as i have been checking youtube for set up videos etc. i have the death knight armour
i was put in a guild where the last player was last active 534 days ago so fighting a losing battle with this one… i have a few teams i working with have a soul time - Valk - warlock x3 fully traited. have few damage dealers I’m working with but I’m so far behind I’m having trouble to get into a active guild where i can contribute as well get the rewards like i should be

if you are willing to join just let me know you invite code and i will gladly get you in

my code is eclectichydra7818_stre

thanks for the response

are you on steam because i cant seem to get that invite to work ?

no sorry I’m on mobile, i only replied as i saw u did mobile too… if not its not a issue i keep looking

I am the member of our guild and it really is a lot of fun! We are just a laid back group of adults who like to smash some gems in our spare time!

Our name is really stupid, so just look past that. We are active and would love to have you join us and share in our riches!

If you have any questions just let me know!

You can make a steam account and link them, steams are free. However, totally understand if you are not into doing all of that. Good luck finding a guild!

Just a suggestion but make a time where you’re both on global in game. Much easier as long as you are both online at around the same time.

hello I am willing to join and I already sent a message to pebbster but just wanting to know how many active ppl you have

we currently have 5 very active players and obviously looking to expand that