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Still no Boons in 6. We might figure this thing out

This is AMAZING! Will start using that to help with my :poop: luck, thanks for sharing!

Do we have a list of daily traps I could use to reference?

Blue: Ice
Green: Toxic
Red: Fire
Yellow: Silence
Purple: Web
Brown: Stun
White: Spike


I use 2-4-6 (+5).

Ok, so that’s definitely a pattern worth noting. I should have done a better job tracking stuff.

At least it definitely shows the results of the Dungeon aren’t going to be 100% pure random if predetermined outcomes can’t ever occur. Even if the rest of the possibilities are random and possible, that still isn’t the full range of pure random over 6 spots. There’s never going to be any voodoo that gives a 100% success rate either.

That being said, why hasn’t 1,2,3 all bosses shown up yet? In theory with that chart, even if all of those conditions occur, it should still be possible and someone should have seen it by now since the possible remaining conditions isn’t that hard to fulfill?


This also completely changes the procedure:


If you open 4 & 5, you should look what you got:

  • Trap: Well got luck tomorrow, but:

  • B1 & B2: Continue with 1 and/or 2 in any order till you get D (33% for perfect run?)

  • D & B1: Continue with 1 and/or 3 in any order till you get B2 (33% for perfect run?)

  • D & B2: Continue with 2 and/or 3 in any order till you get B1 (33% for perfect run?)

  • D & S: Continue with 3 and 6 in any order till you get B1 & B2 (16% for perfect run?)

  • B1 & S: Continue with 1 and 6 in any order till you get D & B2 (16% for perfect run?)

  • B2 & S: Continue with 2 and 6 in any order till you get D & B1 (16% for perfect run?)

Short version:

Open 4 & 5:
B1, B2 > 1 & 2
D, B1 > 1 & 3
D, B2 > 2 & 3
B1, S > 1 & 6
B2, S > 2 & 6
D, S > 3 & 6


I’m trying to follow this but it’s not making sense to me. I like Option 2 btw.

Today (Level 5) -In order of selection-

Door 4 - Random Trap: Cursed Trap
Door 5 - Dragon: Amethialas
Door 6 - Boss 1: King Bone
Door 2 - Boss 2: King Dokkalfar
*after playing the dungeons
Door 1 - Daily Trap - Web
Door 3 - Gems


In my opinion, it comes down to:

  1. Tracking your own room for about 2 weeks (despite the people saying there’s never enough data points)
  2. Finding odd behaviors where some Doors are safer than others over that period. For most people, 4 and/or 5 will lead to the safest openings, but its not guaranteed.
  3. Open your first 1-2 doors and pray its not a trap.
  4. If you survive without triggering a trap, find the contradictions/what doors can’t spawn x thing and see if its applicable.
  5. Open a 3rd door.
    5a. Repeat step 4.
  6. You can decide to follow what CaptainAwesome listed above your post or make your own determinations of what to do next.
  7. Pray for results

For the Dungeons is pure random people:

You’ll be much happier going 4,5,6/6,5,4 over 1,2,3 (specifically for the people that open 3 doors in 3 seconds) a good majority of the times. The rest of it, live your best life.


Had to go check my own:

King Dokkalfar is considered a Boss 1 (lowest level)
King Bone Dragon is considered a Boss 2 (mid level)

So breaking this down:

Door 4: Random Trap.

Door 4 can’t be a Daily Trap, but it also means it can still be a Random Trap. All this means is the Perfect Run is over. A little cruel to type this, but… I’m being thorough.

Door 5: Dragon: Amethialas

Door 5 can’t be a Random Trap, and you got a favorable result in the Dragon. There’s not much more you can gleam from this at the current time from these 2 numbers barring your own data points. Door 1 or 2 not having the Dragon does not change the fact it can still have a Boss.

Door 6: Boss 2: King Bone

Door 6 can’t have a Bonus, but you got a Boss. I would say congrats but alas the Perfect Run isn’t on the table.

From here you can start narrowing things down a bit.

Door 1: Can not have Boss 1. You’ve already pulled Boss 2 and the Dragon. This leaves only a Trap and a Bonus. A Bonus is nice, but you shouldn’t risk a Perfect Run on guessing a Trap or a Bonus. (As you can check your result, it was a Trap)

Door 2: Can not have Boss 2. You’ve already pulled the Dragon. This means it can be a Trap, a Bonus, or Boss 1 still.

Door 3: Can not have a Dragon. You’ve already pulled Boss 2. This means it can be a Trap, a Bonus, or Boss 1 still.

Basically, you’re stuck at a 50/50 on doors. You have a 66% chance in this example of a favorable result, but that’s largely because the Perfect Run is already over. Expect this 50/50 to happen a lot.

You can either check your patterns and go with the one that occurs most often, check your patterns and go with/against how often one of those 2 numbers appear, or you can bet against it. Or just blind guess, because “fun”.



Having seen the treasure on my opening 4/5, I didn’t choose 6 and ran into a trap.

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… of course.

Picked 6. Dragon.
Picked 5 because I wanted it to fail. It failed. (19 days in a row snapped)
Picked 4 and 3 out of frustration, both were bosses.

Go figure.

Funny thing is (copium), I normally would have gone 3,4,6 if 5 wasn’t so abnormally streaky.

Tracked Run Summary: Day 22

Brown: 3,5,6 (4 was an altar)
Diamond: 3,4,6 (2 was a diamond bonus)
Blue: 4,5,6 (3 was an altar)
Green: 2,3,5 (4 was an altar)
Red: 4,5,6 (3 was an altar)
Yellow: 3,4,5 (1 was ascending stairs)
Purple: 4,5,6 (2 was ascending stairs)
Brown: 3,5,6 (4 was an altar)
Diamond: 1,2,6 (5 was ascending stairs)
Blue: 3,4,6 (5 was descending stairs to level 3)
Green: 2,4,5 (1 was an altar)
Red: 2,3,6 (5 was descending stairs to level 4)
Yellow: 1,4,5 (3 was an altar)
Purple: 3,5,6 (4 was an altar)
Brown: 1,5,6 (3 was a garnet bonus)
Diamond: 4,5,6 (3 was a diamond bonus)
Blue: 3,5,6 (4 was an altar)
Green: 3,5,6 (2 was descending stairs to level 5)
Red: 2,4,5 (3 was an altar)
Yellow: 1,5,6 (2 was descending stairs to level 6)
Purple: 1,5,6 (4 was an altar)
Brown: 3,4,6 (1 was a garnet bonus)

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Once 45 was revealed, 3 was out of the question and 6 was bufferless as usual…

Lucky 50/50 this time around
:blush: :vulcan_salute:


Day 32. 3/32.


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Dumb 5 :sob:

Here’s a small tool to help with picking tiles based on recent findings.

I’ve done less testing than IP2, that is to say none at all. Math might be off in funky ways.


Amazing, thank you

Danke Dir, bin auch für Option 1