Personal Dungeon Door Tracker

Hey all!

I’ve created a nice spreadsheet template for everyone to record their personal Dungeon door rates. Feel free to make a copy of this Sheet and record your own data!



…with a reminder once/if patterns arise that mods may be eager to ‘do their job’ and report to the Devs instead of letting the playerbase have a small non-economy-breaking joy (hopefully this documented fact is not seen as ‘insulting’ by the powers that be :roll_eyes:), so bear that in mind when sharing such information on this forum.
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Seconded. Please be wary of sharing your data on these forums. Community Discords are likely a better place for them.


Do NOT post any more data on this forum ever!


I cant the excel used!

You will need to make a copy of the sheet and edit the copy :smile:

Make sure no data is disseminated on this forum if any patterns are found.


Added a few QoL things to the template based on improvements by @mitamata !

  • The first row now includes a count of total days tracked.
  • Cells are now color-coded (red = trap; yellow = other; green = boss)
  • The data tables now create a gradient based on values (see example below)




  • Labels in data boxes are now color-coded, not just their values.


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Is there anything to track opening order? I’d be interested to see if any personal trends can be explained/negated by order, or if there are any global order trends :thinking:¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ (e.g. % traps behind 2nd selection, regardless of position).

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If someone makes a simple way to track that, I’m down. I can’t think of an efficient way for it, as I’m not well-versed in spreadsheets.

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The way I did it for me is, I recorded the open order as “123456” for example in a column, then extrapolated what was behind “n-th open door” into a new table. Here’s an example: GoW Dungeon Tracker Template (with order) - Google Sheets (check new sheet)

Interesting! Hmu on Discord if you’ve found any notable potential patterns by door order.

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Updated to include tracking for perfect runs. You can enter “1” in the perfect column for perfect runs, otherwise you can leave it blank.

Please note that 10% is the theoretical average. If there is any distinguishable pattern, you should hopefully see averages above 10% especially as you gather more data.